2D Dream Fever Module Review – by CeresMongrel

2D Dream Fever Module

BUZZ illustration of the module, featured in Project Diva F 2nd

Designed by BUZZ, this is probably my favourite module for obvious reasons; the main theme here is use of pink light features. The wires in Miku’s hair, the ribbon tied on her back, the ribbons on her wrists and her garter, and her wonderful shoes (which I really want to buy!), all shine bright in the dark set where the song and dance takes place. To gain this module in Project Diva F 2nd, clear ‘2D Dream Fever’ on any difficulty.

These pink highlights beautifully frame a monochrome outfit, which features a double breasted tailcoat, sleek opera gloves, and cut off leggings. Personally, I would prefer a skirt instead of shorts, but I like that this module is unique from the various other modules that feature skirts.

I love viewing Miku Hatsune as a piece of software, locked away in a computer. So, in my opinion, I think she really comes alive when technology and gadgets are featured in her designs. I love it when Miku sings about being infected by a virus, that she can go offline at any moment and that she sees the world through what we upload on a computer.

2D Dream Fever Figure at the Summer Wonder Festival 2016

Two Dimensional Dream Fever, a song composed by PolyphonicBranch, features fast pace singing, electrifying lyrics and a quick beat that is showcased in a wonderful video that employs heavy use of lighting and exhilarating dance moves that really brings this song and module to life. Some exciting news that is that a figure of this module was featured in the Summer Wonder Festival 2016, so hopefully we’ll be hearing a release date for this figure! Fingers crossed!!

TL;DR: 10/10

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