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Hey peeps, Kyro here.

I decided to add in another responsibility for myself to the database, and that is writing a report highlighting and summarising the DBteam’s monthly progress as well as sharing out on what’s going on. So let’s get right to it.

Last month, the DBteam has uploaded 3 new entries, fixed the links to 64 entries, and standardised 131 entries. If you’d like to see precisely what changed, please visit the #mdb_log channel on our Discord server.

Now for our track record on album management, the numbers above are very small. That’s because most of the DBteam is occupied with their work and studies at the moment, so they cannot sort and update entries on the database as often as they used to do. In other words, we are currently in a small, impromptu downtime. Don’t worry though, we’ll be back working some time in January. I am done with some of the stuff in my personal life so I can put in more work on the database for December. However, I will only focus on fixing dead links and standardising old entries. The other DBteam members are the ones that focus on uploading new entries. They will proceed on doing so when they are available.

>Hey Kyro, what’s up?

Now, it has come to my attention that a good number of the database users have been using it for a long time and that they have the tendency to hoard the albums that we put up. So I figured that since the albums were downloaded from the database, why don’t have the albums return to the database when the download links for said albums are dead on the database? Thus, the Album Retainment Service was planned. In this service, Mikudb’s community could aid the DBteam in fixing entries by handing them download links for dead entries. The DBteam have had its members changed plenty of times, coupled this along with technical issues with personal hardware, then we are bound to have a couple hundred entries lost somewhere.

The actual process for the service have yet to be confirmed. But for now the planned process is:

1.I’d probably make a dedicated service channel on our Discord server for the service.
2.The DBteam would list out all of the dead entries either through the chat or through a spreadsheet.
3.Users would then voluntarily look for any album that they wish to return/fixed.
4.Should users find an entry that they could replace, they would then ping a DBteam member and hand in the album through any file-sharing services in private messages.
5.The DBteam member would then process the album before putting it back up on the database.

Now, I don’t think there’s a proper way to effectively compensate the community for their effort with what we have at the moment. So think of it as returning a favour to the database. At the same time, we are grateful that an entry is alive again and other users will be wholly indebted that they could download something they want on the database.

Now let’s talk about ads and revenue. Basically, ads are back up again and we are generating revenue from it. So if you could whitelist us on your adblock, it’d help us cover a portion or all of the server bills. Now speaking of server bills, that’s where all of the money will go to. Not a single cent of it will go to any of our pockets. The staff members have a certain standard they uphold. Making money while doing what we do is against our standard. That’s why we don’t pepper our links with adfly or any of its derivatives. However, server bills can be taxing, especially when we have to move to services that demand larger upkeep. So as to not burden any of us with non-personal bills, we need to make it so that the database could sustain itself financially. Surplus revenue made will be used on the next bill payment, up to 4 payments. Surplus revenue made that exceeds 4 bill payments will be kept to be used for either supporting producers anonymously, album acquisition, upgrading technical services, and other to-be-planned stuff. With that said, we also understand that pop-up and intrusive ads are massive bother. We’ll try our best to cull any and all ads that do just that. Please report such ads by using the `contact us` form. We’ll see what we can do to eliminate them. Though, I have yet to find any personally.

That’s all from me for now. Stay tuned, I’ll release an FAQ article that answer all of the good stuff you guys might have. If you want to send in questions for said FAQ, please us the contact us form on the database or message me on Discord. It’s Kyrozen. Shouldn’t miss it.

Kyro out.

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