Album Review – 悪巫山戯 by UtsuP

This catchy upbeat album known as Warufuzake (meaning Horseplay, in Japanese) is full of all sorts of strong and heavy rhythms by 鬱P (UtsuP). This album has most of his greatest hits which includes ParasiteCorpse Attack!! and The Dying Message.

When I found this album, I had heard of UtsuP before but mainly for his song Corpse Attack!! Which was featured in a video by Deino, an artist known for creating Calne Ca, a skeletal version of Hatsune Miku. That then lead me to listen to The Dying Message along with several other songs.

I had never heard a producer be able to change a Vocaloid’s voice so much to distort and change it, from screams, grunts, and growls. It was beautiful! The lyrics to most of UtsuP’s songs are mildly confusing but I think that’s what I find interesting about them!!

After hearing these songs, I had to keep looking for more by this producer! If you want your daily dose of pop and System of a Down type of metal, this album is for you!

I will give a fair warning, there is a Parental Advisory Warning on this album.

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