CLiCK ~Naki Uta de Utattemita~ Princess Ban

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    • Tracklist:
      1. Just Be Friends Dixie Flatline feat. バル
      2. Melancholy Junky feat. はにちゃむ★
      3. Dear 19's Sound Factory feat. 伊東歌詞太郎
      4. Double Lariat アゴアニキ feat バル
      5. Hello,Worker KEI feat. はにちゃむ★
      6. letter song doriko feat. セリユ
      7. Just Be Friends (off vocal) Dixie Flatline
      8. Melancholy (off vocal) Junky
      9. Dear (off vocal) 19's Sound Factory
      10. Double Lariat (off vocal) アゴアニキ
      11. Hello,Worker (off vocal) KEI
      12. letter song (off vocal) doriko

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