Neiro 2.0

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MEGA (320 Kbps) (1st disc only)

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    • Tracklist:
      Disc 1
      1. Hope for Azure Sky
        無力P feat. VY1V3
      2. はらはらり
        青田新名 feat. VY1V3
      3. ステラ
        Dixie Flatline feat. Mew
      4. effanineffable
        tamachang feat. Mew
      5. icoro
        (∵)キョトンP feat. Mew
      6. みゅぅみゅぅみゅう!
        tamachang feat. Mew
      Disc 2
      1. Limpid Green
        cnsouka feat. VY1V3
      2. Mech
        G.K feat. VY1V3
      3. Irregularity
        ZX feat. VY1V3
      4. Violet Pulse
        yychan feat. VY1V3
      5. Defragment
        Rainnie_C feat. VY1V3
      6. Robotique
      7. Violet Pulse (G.K remix)
        G.K, yychan feat. VY1V3

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