Pack and Pride

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    • Tracklist:
      1. Lost and Pound
        Project OverDoze feat. 黒路ムイ
      2. Grey Skies
        VocaPeach feat. SORA
      3. Illusion
        MutedPower feat. Cerif
      4. Hellfire
        ArmSleevesP feat. 簡素ギズモ
      5. Quiet Reign
        Middernachtt P feat. NOHRA
      6. Another Final Waltz
        Manatashin feat. Mela Notte
      7. Growl for Scratch
        闇の黄昏P feat. ダーキ 竜, 曽爾音鬱
      8. Lies
        Zephyr-P feat. 狼音アロ
      9. Found
        Karina Joy feat. Beat Okamine, WALTT
      10. Leaving Donna -piano version-
        EmpathP feat. SeeU
      11. Milk Boned Project OverDoze feat. Daina
      12. A Wicked Girl and a Tin Boy -piano version- EmpathP feat. Dex, Daina

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