Synthetic Yuletide

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    • Tracklist:
      1. Christmas Spirit (4:28)
        Guitar Hero Piano Zero feat. Oliver
      2. Coventry Carol (1:55)
        ~mw~ feat. various
      3. Song of the Winter Snow (2:58)
        Avalia-Kasa feat. AV-02 LAYLA
      4. It’s That Time (4:03)
      5. Ma’oz Tzur (1:52)
      6. Electro Santa (5:34)
        VocaPeach feat. 魚短
      7. Il est né le divin enfant (3:22)
        ~mw~ feat. SeeU
      8. The Twelve Days of Synthmas (3:44)
        LukeCat feat. various
      9. Miku Miku Kurisimasu (3:50)
        baggagelizard feat. 初音ミク V3 (English)
      10. Wintertime Passing (4:28)
        nostraightanswer feat. V3 GUMI (English)
      11. By Your Side (3:17)
        Gra-P feat. 言和
      12. Warmth -Outro- (0:53)
        nostraightanswer feat. V3 GUMI (English)

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