The Art Of Real Sounds vol.2 -NIGHT-

The 53rd album is a continuation from the 52nd album. Oh, and my apologies on being late on this review. I had too many things on my hands and it’s hard to keep up with life. (Not to mention I’m doing this voluntarily…) So yeah, there’s that, now let’s get on with it. I’ll be absolutely honest here, I initially had many things to write, but at the same time, I have so many things to handle at once, it’s making me go nuts, so I had to put this on minor priority, unfortunately. I may have to drop this job soon enough if I am way too busy for my own good… D:

Album: The Art Of Real Sounds vol.2 -NIGHT-
Genre: Calm/Jazz
Tracks: 14
Song Highlight:

Same as the previous album, no intros.

What I like

ロストボーイの手を取って (Track 1) [Taking the hand of the Lost Boys based on Google Translate, this title is quite weird if you ask me…] is quite an interesting track. What really got me was the vibe of the Vocaloid’s voice. It’s mellow and comforting as you listen to it while the melody is cheerful and colorful for some reason. It truly is a good listen, even with certain side effects here and there. But it doesn’t abuse the side effects too much, in fact it’s just enough to make the song very comfortable to listen to. Let’s also point out a slight chiptune and some trumpets playing and there we go, a beautiful mix of everything and it works. I’d say this would be perfect if you visited a candy land or something, it truly fits the description well. No, scratch that, this would work in Katamari, but this will never happen.
P.S. I am a huge fan of the Katamari series, these song styles truly catch me.

der Ursprung (Track 4) immediately reminded me of Studio Ghibli’s style of song. It’s jazzy and calming tunes are enough to make me feel so good, I can barely feel the real world anymore. It felt so much like a fantasy world. I’d GLADLY use this for any calm and serene scene in a game or any movie scene. In fact, change a Studio Ghibli movie’s song into this like Porco Rosso or something, I’d love the hell out of it. Definitely deserves to be both in the Inspiration and Calm list. I’d gladly listen to this if I feel like I need some alone time.

Eclipse (Track 10) is a very charming song. Just like the name, it clearly reminds me of the eclipse. In fact, it’s perfect if you had a scene whereby a knight is looking at the moon thinking of the princess back in the kingdom. He looks back at everyone at the camp enjoying their time before the war tomorrow. Yeah, it’s these kinds of songs that truly make me think of all sorts of scenarios, which is what I want from songs. Definitely hits my inspiration and calm list once more.

Bonus Track 2 (Track 14) is quite cool. A faster jazz and not a Vocaloid singing. It was splendid actually. I loved how the song felt so lively and this would go so well with a game like Persona. You don’t get these kinds of songs every day, so I was happy when I heard this. If you enjoy listening to a much more livelier jazz, this may be your fix.

What I don’t like

If you have read my reviews a lot, you will notice whenever there is a male Vocaloid singing, chances are, I won’t be a fan of it. Yes, that means tracks 6 and 7 didn’t appeal to me at all. Kaito killed my mood and Oliver, well, didn’t do good enough to please me. But whatever, if it pleases you, I can’t judge you anyway. Some of them were a little dull, but if it’s good for you, I can’t say much either because some of these songs just don’t fit well for me, unfortunately.


If you love Jazz and Vocaloids, please consider this album!

Should you buy this album? : Perhaps? (60%)
Will Deathspark buy this album? : Perhaps… (60%)

This album is interesting, but I won’t put this on my highest priority.

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