ATOLS/MIKU 2 – Album Review by TheImmortalHottentot

Hello MikuDB! Today, I’ve listened to the newest album by the EDM/dubstep artist ATOLS called ATOLS/MIKU 2. I first listened to ATOLS when browsing the “rebellion against aesthetics” tag on VocaDB (maybe sometime I’ll write about this tag), and ever since, I’ve been a fan of their work and its quality. By that, I mean that all of ATOLS’ work, from production quality to voice manipulation to PVs, has a polished professionalism to it, which may not be a big deal, but it stands out to me after looking through lots of garage artists.

ATOLS/MIKU 2 continues the artist’s album naming scheme and pattern of simple cover art. Also carrying over to this album is ATOLS’ varying styles of electronic music. ATOLS switches between EDM, dubstep, ambient, and experimental music, commonly blending them. In this album, you can hear EDM and dubstep in the track “KAMIKAZE”, ambient electronic in “SCALA”, experimental music in “ACID CAT”, and various blends amongst other songs.

My favorite tracks as of now are probably “KAMIKAZE,” “Takanari,” “P,” and “StereophonyII”. I also enjoyed the experimental track “ACID CAT” and particularly liked the piano rendition of the electro drug song “おーばーどーず“. “P” is an interesting and fun trip between styles and genres with wonderful lyrics. “StereophonyII” caught my attention, as it is a calm song that uses rapid-fire, jabbing sounds, while still maintaining the harmonious tone.

I like this album. It’s no exception to what I said before about quality. I’d say that I probably enjoy it as a whole as much as I do ATOLS’ other albums. So far, however, none of the songs have struck me as a standout work by the artist, songs that I would go back to listen to specifically again and again, like “Zombie Maker,” “Chimera,” “Awa Dance Festival,” or “future”. All the same, it’s worth a listen, especially if you’re a fan of ATOLS’ other works or electronic music in general. If you haven’t heard ATOLS before, check ’em out!

Songs can be streamed on YouTube or NND (follow VocaDB links), and the album can be purchased on iTunes.

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ATOLS/MIKU 2 – iTunes

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