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    Sorry for the super late reply, just wanted to say that I’m really happy for your reply!
    Hearing your opinion was interesting, I’m glad that my article garnered such a comment! 🙂
    Thanks for reading! ^_^

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    I’m requesting カドワナルカ=シアノタイプ by nyanyannya
    (If a person uploads this album, I will love that person forever)

  • Hey guys!

    So Pinocchio-P came out with his new album, and I have some mixed feelings about it.

    So here I’m going to tell you my personal first thoughts and impressions (so this is not a review in the formal […]

    • I’m Glad You’re Evil Too is his best ballad since OZ in my opinion. Both has similar themes and beautiful piano melodies accompanied with heavy production.

    • Allow me to piggyback on your article so that I can share my sentiment pertaining to this album:

      1) I do have to agree, this track is a pretty good opening. Though I don’t share the same sentiment when it comes to the child’s vocal.

      2) All about animals! I anticipated this particular track for the longest time. A really good duet; Pinocchio’s voice is above average in this, and Miku complement him well.

      3) Feast of absurdity. I really like this song ever since Pinocchio released it. But, I don’t like this album’s version, though. At times, it feels contrived, you know. Like he was trying to force himself into the song. But I can’t blame the guy; the parts in which he sang are also the parts in which I would also sing along with Miku whenever the original song cycle through my playlist. It’d be better if he didn’t include his own vocal in it because now I can’t sing along and enjoy the song as I did before.

      4) I don’t do human vocal only.

      5) Again, no.

      6) In my opinion, Pinocchio’s vocal doesn’t fit well with this song for some reason. This is his second iteration of the song that extensively include his own vocal and Pinocchio Mk-II’s. Both of them are considered a downgrade to me. It doesn’t encapsulate the feeling of chaos that the original has, meaning it actually made the song a teensy bit ‘calmer’. But who am I to argue with the person who produced the song?

      7) An original from this album. Both voices complement each other very well and somewhat relaxing/melancholic harmony?
      Honestly speaking, I enjoyed it. I won’t put it on my most played playlist but I certainly won’t skip it.

      8) China girl. An anomaly, really. But it’s Pinocchio, we get that once in a while.

      9) Crappy Fantasy days. Pinocchio did well as a backing vocalist. I’d say this version is an improvement.

      10) Usora Sera, It’s Miku’s turn to be the backing vocalist and Pinocchio tuned her very well for this purpose. Similar to “Polygon Teacher”, I enjoyed this track very much.

      11) I am indifferent to this one.

      12) Boy, last time I listened to something similar from Pinocchio, it was “ボクライドの歌”, he didn’t change the song much. It’s better that he didn’t because the song itself is pretty solid. Would listen to every once in a while, won’t loop it in a playlist, though.

      13) I am indifferent to this one as well. Would be great if I have more knowledge in the language. Good bye, Human. See you later.

      14) Can’t say it’s an improvement. More like changes, really. There are parts I like and there are parts I don’t. All I can say is that the SANATORIUM version is better in comparison. That high pitch in the verse “答え合わせしよう「我」に帰るために” was a nice touch.

      15) It’s good but at times it sounded too distorted to me. It got annoying pretty quickly.

      16) At the Mercy of Emptiness had been my long time favourite, maybe it’s just that I like it when Miku sings. With that said, I prefer the original version more.

      17) One response: Why?
      Some would enjoy it I suppose. I know I didn’t.

      18) Again, maybe I prefer it when Miku sings. Original version is better in my opinion.

      19) I hated it at first because it was very repetitive. But then I found out that it worked well as a combat BGM. It stuck since.

      20) Eh. It’s good, I guess.

      Closing lines: It’s a pretty good album. It didn’t live up the hype I had when I was anticipating its release. I’m well content to listening songs where Pinocchio is the lead vocal with Miku as his backing Vocalist or duet partner. But to original songs in which he included his own vocal into it? It feels contrived. He didn’t manage to do it such that it feels natural.
      As for his vocal, he sounds pretty generic to me. That’s okay though, even the most mundane of things can shine when presented with the right opportunity.

      • Sorry for the super late reply, just wanted to say that I’m really happy for your reply!
        Hearing your opinion was interesting, I’m glad that my article garnered such a comment! 🙂
        Thanks for reading! ^_^

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    Yeah, I really hope that someone adds it soon, I really want certain songs on my Vita! 🙂

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    Also, I’m 14 years old, I play a lot of Project Diva, my favourite Vocaloid song is Blessings by Halyosy, I like anime and manga, I read a lot… Is there more to say? Not really…
    Is that a good enough introduction?

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    Sure, I’ll try 🙂

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