Image courtesy of Mr.Bob. Original. Also featured on a song called Creator’s Real. Hey peeps, Kyro here. I decided to add in another responsibility for myself to the database, and that is writing a report highlighting and summarising the DBteam’s monthly progress as well as sharing out on what’s going on. So let’s get right […]

Full Length Damage Report

Source of artwork is from Mr.Wokada. Hey peeps, Kyro here. About a month ago or two, I promised to write a damage report on the database after it spent about a year or so being down. Well just to get it out there, the reason as to why it took so long to publish is […]

Damage Report TL:DR version

Source of artwork is from Mr.Wokada. Compressed to hell and back. Hey peeps, Kyro here. Damage report time. Images, gone. Accounts, gone. Making new accounts, nope. Workpower, slashed. Trust, loss. See you peeps later.

First words from the newly elected Head Admin.

Source of artwork is from Saikka. Though the actual source has been deleted.   Hey peeps, Kyro here. As you may know, and probably much to your chagrin, I am now the Head Admin of Mikudb. Not much to comment on that, just felt the need to reiterate it to make it obvious that I […]