• OrthographicCube posted an update in the group Request album 3 months, 2 weeks ago

    I would really appreciate it if someone could upload a copy of 愛島雑貨店 (Aijima Zakkaten), みきと (Mikito)-P’s new mini album, preferably in lossless, but MP3 is better than nothing. I don’t have anything to give back, but I’d really be grateful if I can get a copy.
    I mean, I’d go as far as buy it, but unfortunately, I’m not in Japan…


    • PAUL replied 3 months ago


    • I found a complete copy of みきと(mikito)P’s 「愛島雑貨店(aijima zakkaten)」 and I now have a lossless copy of it. I converted it by myself to 320kbps MP3s. There are no scans, but it’s better than nothing. However, clicking on “Create a new > Create Album” puts me into a “page not found” page. I can’t seem to upload an album. How do I upload an album?

    • I mean, I have a FLAC copy, and I also created MP3s from the FLAC original.