• Hey all, it’s hwiseph again, back with a little something different.

    Recently, I had the chance to see a new commerical that had been released in May of this year. It featured Pocky, a chocolate snack […]

    • I think it’s awesome to see Miku mixed with different cultures, because you can see her in another light, in a way. It’s definitely an interesting concept, but I like it. 😀

  • Hello everyone, I’m hwiseph, and I’m a new addition to the Mikudb.moe community! I wanted to start out this article by talking about the songs that piqued my interest into Vocaloid. Surprisingly enough, […]

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    Yay! This was pretty cool actually. I’ve seen all of these at one point but never realized their origins. I think DJ S3rl used Avanna in one of his tracks.
    8/10 for me!

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