• Hello everyone! It’s the Article Section admin, RenegadeMizu, asking for a bit of help. As you might’ve noticed, the rate of articles being published on MikuDB has gotten significantly lower as of recent. A lot […]

    • Sure, I’ll try :)

      • Also, I’m 14 years old, I play a lot of Project Diva, my favourite Vocaloid song is Blessings by Halyosy, I like anime and manga, I read a lot… Is there more to say? Not really…
        Is that a good enough introduction?

    • Ero replied 2 months ago

      Hi RenegadeMizu,
      My name is Ero (Eroka Takanashi) but my English name is Emily so feel free to call me either one. I’m from Japan, currently living in Kyoto, and I love anime and manga. I am very studious and I have quite a decent amount of free time. I do work on Upwork and IWriter as a part time freelancer so I have paid experience with writing. Although blogging is not exactly my peake, I can always try my best.

      My favorite vocaloids are Kaito, Yohioloid and Rinto Kagamine. I have loved the Vocaloids for a long time and my favorite song is Cantarella and Knife.

      BTW I’m 13 years old.

      Yours sincerely,

    • Wowe new article peoples!

  • Greetings everyone! I’m starting a series of articles where I talk about some of my favorite vocaloids and songs that feature them. My current plan is to cover GUMI, Yuzuki Yukari, VY1, and of course, […]

    • Ha ha, discovering good music is quite easy sometimes I’ll look through new releases or click on vocaloids and look for interesting music. Or ask your fans for help and make a google form or something.

    • Gumi is my favorite, too! All great song choices, and there are too many other good ones to list. A few notable ones I like: 1, 2 Fanclub by MikitoP, Tokio Funka by takamatt, Mr. Melancholy by DevilishP, Shayou and Blackhole Artist by Utsu-P. I usually go to VocaDB to find new music.

    • GUMI’s my favorite too! She sounded human especially with Giga-P’s tunning! I usually stick with DECO*27, Hachi and Giga-P’s works of GUMI’s songs <3

    • hey, you must check-out another gumi’s song in album “EXIT TUNES PRESENTS THE BEST OF GUMI from Megpoid”. Very recommended..

    • Try this song this song is my favorite song of Gumi
      I love the Melody and the Guitar sound of this song

  • Disclaimer: I played the Japanese version on my Vita. Any comments about controls, graphics, and framerates will probably be different compared to the PS4 version. Also, because I played the Japanese version, I […]

  • Hello everyone! My name is RenegadeMizu. Before I start with my first article, I’d like to introduce myself a bit. I’m the newish Article Section Admin here at MikuDB. I’m a pretty heavy lurker, so you probably […]

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    I’d love to help out with editing if I can! I’m a native English speaker living in the US and am currently in college. I passed both of my English Composition classes with an A so I’d say my English writing and revision skills are up to par. A large portion of my English classes have been peer reviews and revision. Working independently is a huge part of being a successful college…[Read more]

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