Last word from the old Head admin of MikuDB

  Many of you may know me under the name Yun. I was the head admin past Zaku-dono era ( and was responsible for (current version). Just like he once ended and passed the torch to me, it is now my time to pass the torch again to a new head admin – Kyrozen. […]

MikuDB T-shirts selling again!(Reworked design)

Hello everyone! We are sorry for the troubles that happened with the second wave of T-shirts. The reason behind the canceling of orders was, because we were still not satisfied with the front logo. With help of a professional artist from Japan (Asa Akisaki, big thanks to him!). The Miku that is displayed on the […]

“Choose your album” event and T-shirt information!

Choose your album, we gonna publish it! We would like to happily announce that MikuDB is back in the exact shape like it was before. Thanks to the hard work of the new team members and the community, we managed to restore all the missing album covers and fix alot of broken links. While the […]

The Future MikuDB and what things gonna change

Hello, today I would like to announce to our members that there gonna be huge changes in the way MikuDB is going and how it will affect each sections. Also please note that while these changes gonna apply, for the user in the end, nothing will change. There were lots of collision between user rights […]

Feature highlights: User picture galleries and Groups!

While we are still fixing the bugs day by day, there is still room for development and showcase of new functions that our new MikuDB got. I would like to highlight every week some features, because I am aware that not everyone noticed them. The user picture galleries can be found in the main menu […]

Website temporarily unavailable

I would like to announce that during the next few days, we are to begin rolling out the update. We want to inform you just in case the website goes down or things start to look weird. It will take some time to completely clear out the cache. Thanks for understanding. If you are seeking for the […]

MikuDB Huge update is here! Beta access giveaway

It’s been a long time since MikuDB received an update. With this we are happy to announce that the new MikuDB rework is almost done. First, we would like to apologize for the postponed new system. We were developing a completely new system for more than a year that should have brought a revolution. Sadly the […]

Things that should have been done but aren’t

I would like to apologize everyone for overhype about the new MikuDB incoming. Sadly, due to some unforseen issues (ex-machina I guess?) the new version of MikuDB will be postponed). We really don’t know when the system will be out, simply, because the development got held. With that I would like to also announce that […]

MikuDB raising funds for new domains! Completely new start!

As you could see everyone, we were recently very innactive and less talkative than usual. This simply happened because we were busy with real life stuff and working on an upcoming project. It is still taking shape, but is very close to entering the closed beta phase. We worked for more then 1 year  (like […]

Requesting any album? Our member is heading to Japan!

With one of our members heading to Japan, we would like to ask you if you want any albums. We will sort out the requests and those with the most votes will be considered. Please note there can be a high probability the album isn’t available in any local stores in Japan. Also, we will […]

MikuDB Shifting gears! Articles? Albums!

Hello guys! Yun reporting as usual on how things are progressing and would like to give some insights! First, we tried to listen to your ideas and work on them. The new FB page should now be reworked and hopefully you would have noticed the new changes! There were also some changes inside the Article posting team, trying […]