AND AWAKE (Review by Deathspark)

On this 34th album, we’ll need to tone down for a while, yes, we’re going back to Yuxuki Waga. I don’t know why, I just enjoy serene sounds made by Yuxuki Waga, and I feel sleepy, perfect, let them take me to dreamland. This album is called AND AWAKE, oh, I was just talking about going to sleep? Oh well… Oh, I hope you guys did not miss me for I was away for quite some time! My apologies, I was so busy with everything around me, I could barely breathe! I’ll be sure to be back on track this time, no worries!

Genre: Calm
Tracks: 6 Tracks
Song Highlight: All of the songs.

No intros, yeah…

What I like

Journey (Track 1) is probably what I mean for a song perfect for sleeping. The song is soothing and it’s well paced. Not too slow, not too quick. Imagine having a road trip while the ocean is right next to you while you’re close to dozing off, this song is it. It has a nice ambience and I must talk about Miku’s proper voice usage. Its Miku sweet (According to the album’s description) so I thought it may be super cute and high pitched, but no, that’s not the case apparently. The song is enjoyable, relaxing and I can still feel Miku’s voice calmly following the flow of the song. It’s a song I’d truly recommend if you do want to sleep. Almost forgot, the man’s voice that pops up from time to time doesn’t make the song feel bad, it sort of gives it a variation, which isn’t bad, thankfully.

ビタースウィート(Track 2) [Bittersweet] made me wonder, why did I not add this into my calm list? *Promptly adds it into the calm list* Right! Anyway, this song is as good as the first, Miku’s voice doesn’t get too high pitched, the song is slightly more energetic however because I can hear tingles here and there and the guitar is good enough for Christmas. I can see snow although my country doesn’t have snow. This song would be so perfect for cold weathers, trust me, just give it a go and tell me about it. May apply to taking a short nap too.

Quiet (Track 3) is just like what the title says, it’s quieter and yes, when it’s quieter, it’s much more sleep inducing, and I don’t think in my already sleepy state, it’s a good idea to do this review already, but nevertheless, typing down stuff makes me awake. This song is very slow, but is it too slow? Nope! I can feel enough instruments covering that up and making this song all mellow and comfortable and once again I dare say, perfect for snowy conditions, and may work when rainy as well. Just like the first and second, Miku’s voice is well utilized and I may probably say this a lot.

float (Track 4) is once again, how the title states how the song would be like. It feels like you’re floating as you listen to this song, how so? I believe it’s because of the guitars doing the proper job in delivering that feeling alongside Miku’s soft and calm voice. Everything I said above applies here, except for the winter. This song feels more like a travelling to a dream land kind of feeling, oh, that’s bad news isn’t it…? I have 2 more songs to go and I can’t afford to fall asleep just yet! Focus! Focus!

泡沫の街 (Track 5) [Ephemeral Town] is, oh lord I feel sleepy, VERY sleepy. This song is slower than everything above, and it makes me type slower as we speak… Yes, I’m typing from my mind now, yeay! Aside from that, this song is just like what I said above, calm, mellow and properly done. I’d not recommend this song, but this song somehow does its job in putting me into a near sleep state, so, good job?

おやすみ (Track 6) [sweet dreams] is… You get the idea, I think I may pass out if I don’t write any quicker. Just the title itself, I think I may be dreaming as I write this, so does that mean I’m currently sleeping as I type this? No, I’m half awake, and this song is as charming as the above, I believe all of the songs here have the same feeling, with different melodies, meanings and comfort. Whatever I said above, just listen to all of them, you’d agree what I say is true.

What I don’t like

As much as this is a good album for sleeping, let me warn you. Please DO NOT put this on if you intend to drive or do something productive. This album’s job is to calm you down, please don’t ever think about putting this in your main playlist unless you intend to sleep.


This album contains my sleeping pills, I think? I don’t listen to music before I sleep or listen while I sleep, but just by the feeling itself, I see myself smiling and almost sleeping, so I’d recommend it if you like calm and mellow tunes, and if you want to nap during a long trip. Trust me, I’m getting, sleepy…

Should you buy this album? : Probably (70%)
Will Deathspark buy this album? : Most probably (80%)

This album certainly has it’s own charm, and I’d gladly listen to it over and over just to sleep. A 4/5 I suppose? That’s fair I guess.

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