BECCA Releases English Cover of “World Is Mine”

BECCA, known for working on the opening, I’m Alive, which was featured on the anime, Black Butler, has released a cover of ryo‘s World Is Mine. She had dyed her hair teal in ode to Hatsune Miku for the video which looks very 可愛い!!!


The cover was announced on her Facebook on November 17th, 2015 with a short preview of the song, which can be viewed on her page as well.


It is also available on Youtube as well. The song is in English but it is very whimsical and fun! She has also worked with sasakure.UK (one of my favorite producers!) and made the EP SHIBUYA.

  1. She looks weird and honestly i dont like the vocal either.
    I’d rather watch ‘world is mine’ english cover of our DIVA.
    The original was a masterpiece. I dont know if we could ever get more from ryo in near future.

  2. Aw, I thought it was cute! I think it would help popularize Miku over in other countries!! Plus I also see it as a step forward in Becca’s career!

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