Which was the best Snow Miku?

As you can see in the image above, these are the Snow Mikus arranged in chronological order from the left (2010) to right (2016).

I got these images from here so if you want more in depth analysis on each and one of them, check it out.

So, I’m going to break down every single one of them and pick my personal best. Remember, MY PERSONAL BEST! Your personal best could be another design, so don’t start carpet bombing me with me not appreciating art and whatnot. All of these look fine and I won’t say any of them are ugly! Alright, let’s begin.

Project Diva 2nd (2010)

Alrighty, the very first one! Honestly, with one look, you can already tell. It’s just a Miku re-skin. Just adding some snow touches, and a scarf. Also some mittens and, whatever. It’s just original costume but a change of color and some snowflakes all over the place! Well, nothing special here.

Project Diva Arcade (2011)

The Miku in 2010 was simply an extra costume in Project Diva 2nd. In other words, it’s meant for the game only. This one is no different. As you can see, it’s slightly different with some color changes here and there. Any major differences? Nope! Oh, and notice there’s snowflakes on her hair, right… How does that work? Ask Crypton, I don’t know how and why either. Also, it’s more refined because the arcade version can do better than the PSP so yeah.

Project Diva Arcade (2012)

I guess you could call this an official one…? Well I don’t think so yet… But hey! Something’s changed! Her costume changed into a santa-like costume, which makes sense. Makes you wonder how Miku can resist the cold with light clothing in the first two versions. I mean, she’s not real or anything, so, whatever, you get the idea. Anyway, I guess this design here is trying to make Miku look as human as possible as you can see, ribbons were used instead of Miku’s usual, head clips? I call it head clips, yeah. Anyway, as you can see, this design here makes more sense I guess, well, more like Miku playing dress up from the first two versions.

Snow Miku 2013

Finally I get to see an official Snow Miku! I used the Project Diva’s one for consistency sake. As you can see, this one follows a more traditional style. I guess more of a Snow Maiden in Japan or some sort? (I didn’t do research, sorry!) So it’s a little refreshing than repeats you have seen from the 3 of the designs above. Anyway, there are two modes apparently, yes, two modes I’d call it. One with the hood, the other without. I personally like the hoodless one because with the hood on, you can’t really define Miku without her pigtails. The hood covers her up and I won’t be surprised if people say that wasn’t Miku because of that. When people talk about Miku, it’s the teal haired pigtailed teenager. So, hoodless one for me.

Snow Miku 2014

Look! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a witch in white! Yes, a witch in white… Yup, this one’s themed like a magician! Yeay! Though, I have a problem with magicians in most RPGs… That’s going to be a talk for another day so let’s see this costume in detail. Assuming she’s a RPG character, he wand really does look cool. If I were to give that wand a name, I’d call it “Frost Cane” or something. I’m a game developer who makes RPGs, so, yeah… Once again, a talk on another day. She wears a huge wizard hat (It looks huge to me) and from the looks of it, sailor costume with a cape? Huh, that’s how it looked like to me…

Snow Miku 2015

She looks like a flower @@; Yup, you heard me. It looks like she decided to take a tulip, like a gigantic one, invert it and wear it. Yeah, you get this, sort of. Though, I won’t say it’s design was bad though. I just said it looked like that. Honestly, it looked alright to me. The flowers she is holding seemed to be like an instrument and actually, this costume was used in this song here:

If I’m gonna rate this song, 3 stars… Yup, of course I won’t elaborate here. A slight bias because I don’t like 40mp’s style. Before I become an album reviewer again, let’s focus on this yeah? You can see now and get an idea on this costume. It’s very, flowery, but it’s creative.

Oh, and something new in this design, the bunny! Yes, a flying, bunny…? Leaf wings, right… Anyway it looks adorable, I want a plush of it right next to my green penguin plush @@

Snow Miku 2016

Now this is cool. Miku on snowboard? Alright, I’ll take it. I like the way how it started off traditional and suddenly BAM! SNOWBOARDS! Personally speaking, it’s almost as if Miku just wore a sweater as she is heading to a ski lodge and she bought those costumes from a supermarket or something. Of course, I mean like when she walks across fashion shops and she’s like “Oh yeah, I need new sports snow equipment because the other Vocaloids are having a snowboarding competition this year!” and this is what you get… Honestly, I could say it’s not very creative because it doesn’t look out of the ordinary, but hey! Sometimes simple is better than over-complication.

Again, we have another bunny here and this time, it’s a sporty bunny! What did you expect? If Miku bought some sports clothing, Miku should get some for the bunny, right?

Deathspark’s verdict?

This is a little tough… So I’ll play the elimination rule yeah?

The first 3 versions are out. Not really special and I just, well, they’re almost like re-skins and Miku dress up. So, now we narrow it down to 2013 to 2016. Honestly, I can’t decide like, one is my absolute best because they are good in their ways. Personally, 2013 wasn’t good enough because, well it’s just a robe, so, nothing much here. The wizard costume is good, and the flower costume is cool. The snowboard one was alright, but a little too common. If I seriously am forced to pick on, I’m in between wizard and flower. Yup, and my final choice if I can only make one choice…? Honestly, this one’s hard, like, very hard… I can’t decide… In the end, I had to give it to the flower one because of these reasons.

1. It has more creativity
2. It’s unique in such a way that you can feel like she’s one with the forest.
3. Her unique, flowers?
4. Cute bunny :3

Like I said, I was at the hedge, they were good and I really can’t decide which was better. But I guess it’s the reason why I bought the mouse pad with Miku 2015 design at the first place I guess. Where to get it?
Check this out!
(This is a very pathetic attempt to make sure you guys check it out I know…)

ANYWAY! That means, I want to hear your thoughts? Which was the best? And why? We all have our favorites, I’m interested to hear your thoughts! (Well, more like see your thoughts)

  1. I like the design between 2013 and 2016. You know its unique, unlike the previous.
    But if u wanna ask me, my fav is 2014. I never seen bright colored witch, and for the first time i like it. Umm no, i love it.

        • With some color palette changes and a new wand, yeah you’re right XD Well, not exactly, you can call this the witch with the winter touch XD

          • lately i’ve thinking about it, maybe this costume doesnt suit with winter, well it doesnt suit at all.
            but i still like it cause it make sense that miku created the winter, she make the winter happen (sorry, too much watching magical-themed anime)

    • Well, guess that’s how it works I suppose! ^^ I never knew cosplayers do that, or maybe I don’t see a lot of cosplay, that’s why.

  2. OH! and it’s hard for me to choose between 2014 and 2015
    they’re both so cute! but if I had to pick one it would be 2015
    also I believe 2014 had a bunny aswell

    • After a little bit of research, there is 😀 But not in the Project Diva model, so yeah. I guess this was the first time we see the bunny in Snow Mikus? Also, if I’m going to talk about it’s design, it’s just a bunny with ribbons, yeah, that’s all XD

  3. My personal best would be Snow Miku 2015. Given the fact that it’s winter, who would’ve wear a costume like PD 2010, PD 2011 and Snow Miku 2014? I wouldn’t disagree with the design though. They’re naturally unique in their own ways. But come on! It’s winter. However, if you’re like Elsa ‘the cold never bothers me anyway’ thing-y, then you should probably go all out. Wear a bikini like what Good Smile did (Releasing a Miku and Luka figma on the middle of winter)

    Seriously? Miku really have a good sense of fashion. ??

    • Well, in the world of Anime, it doesn’t matter what outfit you wear, because none of it matters! Crap, Miku isn’t in the world of Anime, erm, the virtual world! Why not, wear a bikini near freezing point? Yeah why not?

      Just joking, but at least someone shares my opinion 🙂

  4. I love 2013 version but I had to agree with you it’s to plain and I don’t like that her hair isn’t transparent like in 2015 Miku. My fav is also Snow Bell version but for me it has a down side it’s more winter-spring transition version than actual SNOW one.
    When I also like vizard type, I again hate her hair and the one of her face plate with just dots for eyes, it’s totally waste of plastic.
    I would rate my 2nd best a 2016 Miku especially bad on figma one with Miku on snowboard or skies, it seems so winterish and sporting and kinda cool thou ^^

  5. @kaniqbal
    I can’t reply due to circumstances, so I had to place a new comment ^^;

    Yes, I thought of a Miku White Mage when I saw the costume. Sure it’s like Winter, but if it’s for a Fantasy RPG game, this costume does it’s job as well XDXD

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