Call My Name – Album Review by TheImmortalHottentot

Hello, MikuDB! Today, I’ll be reviewing the album Call My Name by 23.exe. Someone asked me to review this one quite a while ago. I ended up delaying and forgetting to do it, but I shall deliver nonetheless.

The album is consistent electronic pop and dubstep. The feel is a nice mix of happy and chill songs, good for lightening your mood. Most of the album uses Miku, and I really liked and tuning of her voice. It meshes quite well with the style of music. The music itself is crisp and mixed well; the bass has a great impact without drowning out the other sections, lending to a nice listening experience.

Favorite songs:
“It doesn’t matter anyway” – The choral vocals are a nice touch.
“Skip99” – I liked the happy dubstep feel to this one, and the vocal flair throughout is well done.
“Self-awareness” – The hard-hitting bass overlaid with Miku’s voice in the chorus creates a nice effect.
“Cressida” – At the beginning, I thought this song might be boring, but it turned out to have some really interesting tunes and vocals.

Least favorite song:
“Please don’t go anywhere” – I didn’t think this song was bad, but I don’t usually prefer slower songs.  IA’s voice also didn’t have my preference in this particular instance.

Overall, I think this is a solid electronic pop album. It doesn’t stand out as exceptional to me, but it’s certainly worth a listen. There are some bonus tracks that can only be heard by purchasing the album, which I did not do, admittedly. Though I will consider buying it once I have the funds, because I enjoyed most of the songs.

If I had to give it a rating, I’d say 7/10 – Good.

You can purchase 23.exe’s albums on Bandcamp.

Thank you for reading!

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