Vocaloid Extravaganza! (By: hwiseph)

Hello everyone, I’m hwiseph, and I’m a new addition to the Mikudb.moe community! I wanted to start out this article by talking about the songs that piqued my interest into Vocaloid. Surprisingly enough, Hatsune Miku and her iconic leek weren’t the things that attracted me to Vocaloid, but it was the duets, trios, quartets, basically […]

Halloween – Vocaloid Style by DaiSukiYuki

Well, It’s been a while, everyone. Apologies for my sudden disappearance, but I should be on here more often now. Anyways, as Halloween is edging closer and closer, I thought we should spend some time looking at the creepier side of Vocaloid. So let’s get started! I’ll leave hyperlinks to all of the songs, so […]

Nayutan Sei Kara No Buttai X review by Food

In the distant past of November 2015, Nayutan Alien released their debut record. A catchy rock effort with a lot of electronic-style influences. This album is like is like a Pengolin. It’s got scales and it’s a great pleasure to consume, and it’s a shame lots of people don’t even know this exists. You can read more […]

RenegadeMizu’s Favorite Vocaloids + Songs: GUMI

Greetings everyone! I’m starting a series of articles where I talk about some of my favorite vocaloids and songs that feature them. My current plan is to cover GUMI, Yuzuki Yukari, VY1, and of course, Miku. Introduction So for whatever reason, GUMI has to be my absolute favorite vocaloid. I love her design, I love […]

Planetary Suicide; Seaslug Reviews

Good day, good day! This time around we’ll be trying out something heavier, so boost your volumes and prepare to head bang, cuz we’ll be reviewing a Yuppe album!! check him out: here Been listening to this one more often among his other works, and I have to say, finding and downloading his works was […]

The Art Of Real Sounds vol.2 -NIGHT-

The 53rd album is a continuation from the 52nd album. Oh, and my apologies on being late on this review. I had too many things on my hands and it’s hard to keep up with life. (Not to mention I’m doing this voluntarily…) So yeah, there’s that, now let’s get on with it. I’ll be […]

Classic Vocaloid Works: “s/t” by supercell (First Version) / Album Review by Petridisch

Hey again!  Petridisch here again with another review of a classic Vocaloid release. This time we’re gonna check out (more like gloss over though, you’ll see) the debut LP by ryo, working as supercell. This one contains nearly all true classics, including the tacitly agreed Miku anthem “The World is Mine”, “Love is War”, “Heartbreaker”, […]

Seaslug Reviews: “High Collar Record” by moff

Hello and Good day everyone, Seaslug here with an album review and today, we’ll be taking a closer look at a shoegaze album from moff-P! Title: High Collar Record Producer: moffuP/もっふーP/moff Genre: Shoegaze Some of You might wonder what “Shoegaze” is, it’s a fairly uncommon genre to stumble upon even for most Vocaloid listeners. Shoegaze can be defined […]

Nostalgic (Review by Deathspark)

Whew! We’re on the 50th album, quite a trip I’ve been on! Anyway, this 50th album is called Nostalgic by, whew? Wow, that’s quite a coincidence… Anyway, from the looks of it I may be expecting some calm stuff from this and the main star this time is Yuzuki Yukari I believe. Anyway, let’s get […]

Classic Vocaloid Works: “∞ – InfinitY-” by cosMo / Album Review by Petridisch

Hey everyone! Today in this installment of reviews of Classic Vocaloid Works we’re gonna focus on the debut release of a very popular Vocaloid composer/producer, cosMo. I was, of course, drawn to this particular fellow due to the track “The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku” which I thought just contained all the elements of a real scorcher: a heart-wrenching […]

Classic Vocaloid Works: “Do Vocaloids Dream of Doomsday Birds” by sasakure.uk / Album Review by Petridisch

Hello there everyone out in MikuDB-land! Petridisch here bringing some focus back to some ‘vintage’ and truly classic Vocaloid albums. Today I’ll be ‘discussing’ the major-label debut of the fairly famous and highly respected producer, sasakure.uk. Expertly titled “Do Vocaloids Dream of Doomsday Birds?”, this year-2000 release absolutely blew my head off upon hearing it […]

No Title +/- (Review by Deathspark)

Landing onto the 48th album, I can clearly see that there are indeed a lot of fans on this. No Title+ is an album by Giga-P, and I believe there are quite a number of you out there who are fans of Giga-P. So without further ado, let’s see what this album can do. By […]