My Top 10 Vocaloid Albums of 2019

As another year has drawn to a close, it’s time to review my picks for the best albums from the Vocaloid scene in 2019. There’s been no shortage of excellent Vocaloid music in 2919, and 2020 is already starting to look promising, so there’s a lot to be excited about! Before I get started, I […]

My Top 10 Vocaloid Albums of 2018

2018 has been another great year for music, including Vocaloid. It’s been so good, in fact, that I’ve expanded my list from “top 5” to “top 10”! A lot of well-established and popular producers kept good material flowing this year and a few promising debuts also popped up. You know how these lists work, so […]

Powa Powa-P (Siinamota)- (by Mikuaddict)

Each Vocaloid producer tries to create their own unique style, and bring something new to the table. Popular songs usually include: Vocaloids interpreting things based on their stories or having an ideal personality for the songs. If you have been into Vocaloid for a while, you would notice that even Vocaloid producers try to get […]

Interview with Crusher-P! (By Mikuaddict)

Thanks to the internet we can observe and experience new things that we never expect to see everyday. We never expect ourselves to be so involved in a project since it may all start from a random video recommendation from a friend or an unexpected picture and then suddenly we say in our minds “why […]

Where are you now P-san? (by kyotohime)

“パッパッパラッパパパラパ あれはきっとパンダヒーロー” “Pa-pa-pa-lah, pa-pa-pa-la-pah,  surely that must be the Panda Hero.” -Panda Hero “教えてダアリン ダアリン ねえダアリン” “Please tell me, darling, darling, darling.” -Lynne “継ぎ接ぎ狂ったマトリョシ” “I’m a mad Matryoshka covered in patches.” -Matryoshka Do these lyrics ring a bell? If you still don’t remember it, how about the name hachi (ハチ)? Do you remember now? That year 2009 where hachi began posting songs in NND and was known as one of the producers who rose to fame […]

Single Selection #4: Salt is God by You-Z feat. GUMI

This week we have Salt is God by You-Z! I’ve never heard of this producer before at all so we’re going at this blind. Whoever chose the song, you the real mvp. Now I wasn’t sure where this belongs video or single. I couldn’t find much about this song but I did learn that You-Z […]

Producer Review! The Music Of Katsuru!!

When I first joined MikuDB, I never thought producers would notice us and talk to us let alone be a community member, so today we’re here to recognize one of our community producers,  Katsuru! Lets check out what music you make and maybe who knows we’ll see a song at a concert some day. Let us […]