The Vocaloid Hall of Fame

Hello MikuDB! Today I’d like to quickly talk about the Vocaloid Hall of Fame. You may or may not have already heard of this, but I only recently found out about it so I thought I’d share for anyone else who hasn’t. The Hall of Fame is a list of Vocaloid videos that have obtained […]

Underused Voicebanks

It’s unquestionable that the Vocaloid scene is dominated by Hatsune Miku. A group of other voicebanks, like GUMI, Rin, and IA, also make up a huge amount of the music. I love these popular voices as much as the next person, so I’m not here to complain about how much they’re used. But there are […]

Sand Planet – Vocaloid Apocalypse

With over 3 million views on YouTube and over 1 million on NND in under a week, it’s likely you’ve heard of Hachi’s new song, “Suna no Wakusei” (砂の惑星), or “Sand Planet.” Created as the theme song for Magical Mirai 2017, Sand Planet is (as far as I can tell) the first Vocaloid song Hachi has […]

Miku in the Mainstream – Kill Jill

In the West, the Vocaloid community has remained a niche market, even as it has grown over the years. I can’t speak for other regions, but I gather that the situation is at least similar in most places that aren’t Japan. Although Hatsune Miku’s image and name are known amongst some anime fans and nerdy […]

Halloween – Vocaloid Style by DaiSukiYuki

Well, It’s been a while, everyone. Apologies for my sudden disappearance, but I should be on here more often now. Anyways, as Halloween is edging closer and closer, I thought we should spend some time looking at the creepier side of Vocaloid. So let’s get started! I’ll leave hyperlinks to all of the songs, so […]

How Has Miku Influenced Society? By Stryger

Early in 2004, a certain Japanese corporation called Yamaha released a brand new product unlike anything the world has ever seen before (technically). It was the beginning of a line of voice-synthesizing engines we know today as Vocaloids. These products suffered from a rough start, they sold well in Japan, but not so much overseas. A dramatic change […]

RenegadeMizu’s Favorite Vocaloids + Songs: GUMI

Greetings everyone! I’m starting a series of articles where I talk about some of my favorite vocaloids and songs that feature them. My current plan is to cover GUMI, Yuzuki Yukari, VY1, and of course, Miku. Introduction So for whatever reason, GUMI has to be my absolute favorite vocaloid. I love her design, I love […]

More Vocaloid Facts! (By: Mikuaddict)

Okay, not everyone is a Hatsune Miku fan. We all have different likes and preferences. But we must have an open mind for EVERYONE, many Vocaloid are made every year, and we all hope to see them in huge concerts like Miku’s. Though not everyone can get huge events, they may still appear around us in […]

Miku’s Cameos Across Different Media by Stryger

Cameos? Since her inception in mid-2007, our diva queen Hatsune Miku has made multiple brief appearances in anime, video games, and even music videos of popular bands. Also known as cameo appearances, these are instances where the character or object makes a direct (or indirect) appearance in the medium. These cameos often varies in scale […]

RenegadeMizu’s Informal Project Diva X Review

Disclaimer: I played the Japanese version on my Vita. Any comments about controls, graphics, and framerates will probably be different compared to the PS4 version. Also, because I played the Japanese version, I can’t make any comments on the story, so my “review” will focus mostly on the Rhythm Game. Hi everyone, it’s RenegadeMizu. I’ve […]

Before Miku (by Mikuaddict)

Here is a confession: at first I never expected to like Vocaloid.  Voices and clothing designs would never really leave an impact on me. My first Vocaloid songs were “Servant of Evil” and “Matryoshka”, but I am pretty sure I would have forgotten these songs after a week. Until people showed me “World Is Mine” […]

Voca-P: A New English-Centric Podcast Hosted by Demo VD & Whisper-P

Hello everyone! My name is RenegadeMizu. Before I start with my first article, I’d like to introduce myself a bit. I’m the newish Article Section Admin here at MikuDB. I’m a pretty heavy lurker, so you probably haven’t seen me around much. Trying to get that changed though, since the community here seems really cool […]

Stories Told by Vocaloids (by Mikuaddict)

Some people think it would be a good idea to put Vocaloids in an Anime, and then there is a huge amount of people who just hate the idea, since Vocaloid was made to be the opposite. Instead of a solid personality taken care by just a few people, Vocaloid is used by the audience […]

MikuDB Community Section Staff Recruitment

Hello MikuDB members. Today I, the Community Section Admin, would like to announce that we are hiring people to help us in the Community Section. There are three things to take care of in the Community Section. The first one being comments on MikuDB, the second is our MikuDB Facebook Page and thirdly is our […]

Different Vocaloid Concerts (by Mikuaddict)

Several Vocaloid fans are always hunting for the Vocaloid concerts. It’s not just for the songs. It’s the outfits, the models, and the people who are going. Everything is important, but Vocaloids are not just high pitch voices with cute designs. It takes hundreds of people to make it into an art that can bring […]

Five Hatsune Miku Facts! (By Mikuaddict)

We all know that Vocaloid has a long history, especially many fan’s favorite Hatsune Miku. She really has shown herself, from stages to our laptops and fans hope to see more of her in the close future. But not to worry, Hatsune Miku will be with us for a very long time with the same […]