Article Section is Recruiting!

Hello everyone! It’s the Article Section admin, RenegadeMizu, asking for a bit of help. As you might’ve noticed, the rate of articles being published on MikuDB has gotten significantly lower as of recent. A lot of our article writers have been quite busy with school and life (including me, unfortunately :/) , and we could really […]

Halloween – Vocaloid Style by DaiSukiYuki

Well, It’s been a while, everyone. Apologies for my sudden disappearance, but I should be on here more often now. Anyways, as Halloween is edging closer and closer, I thought we should spend some time looking at the creepier side of Vocaloid. So let’s get started! I’ll leave hyperlinks to all of the songs, so […]

Nayutan Sei Kara No Buttai X review by Food

In the distant past of November 2015, Nayutan Alien released their debut record. A catchy rock effort with a lot of electronic-style influences. This album is like is like a Pengolin. It’s got scales and it’s a great pleasure to consume, and it’s a shame lots of people don’t even know this exists. You can read more […]

tsuyori’s Album Reviews: Ghost (DECO*27)

Don’t you have those moments when you like an album so much (even before its releases) that you just want to write and talk about it non-stop? Because that’s how exactly I feel right now. As I’m writing this part, the album is not even out yet, but I have bought Ghost Rule off iTunes […]

How Has Miku Influenced Society? By Stryger

Early in 2004, a certain Japanese corporation called Yamaha released a brand new product unlike anything the world has ever seen before (technically). It was the beginning of a line of voice-synthesizing engines we know today as Vocaloids. These products suffered from a rough start, they sold well in Japan, but not so much overseas. A dramatic change […]

RenegadeMizu’s Favorite Vocaloids + Songs: GUMI

Greetings everyone! I’m starting a series of articles where I talk about some of my favorite vocaloids and songs that feature them. My current plan is to cover GUMI, Yuzuki Yukari, VY1, and of course, Miku. Introduction So for whatever reason, GUMI has to be my absolute favorite vocaloid. I love her design, I love […]

More Vocaloid Facts! (By: Mikuaddict)

Okay, not everyone is a Hatsune Miku fan. We all have different likes and preferences. But we must have an open mind for EVERYONE, many Vocaloid are made every year, and we all hope to see them in huge concerts like Miku’s. Though not everyone can get huge events, they may still appear around us in […]

Miku’s Cameos Across Different Media by Stryger

Cameos? Since her inception in mid-2007, our diva queen Hatsune Miku has made multiple brief appearances in anime, video games, and even music videos of popular bands. Also known as cameo appearances, these are instances where the character or object makes a direct (or indirect) appearance in the medium. These cameos often varies in scale […]

Powa Powa-P (Siinamota)- (by Mikuaddict)

Each Vocaloid producer tries to create their own unique style, and bring something new to the table. Popular songs usually include: Vocaloids interpreting things based on their stories or having an ideal personality for the songs. If you have been into Vocaloid for a while, you would notice that even Vocaloid producers try to get […]

RenegadeMizu’s Informal Project Diva X Review

Disclaimer: I played the Japanese version on my Vita. Any comments about controls, graphics, and framerates will probably be different compared to the PS4 version. Also, because I played the Japanese version, I can’t make any comments on the story, so my “review” will focus mostly on the Rhythm Game. Hi everyone, it’s RenegadeMizu. I’ve […]

Before Miku (by Mikuaddict)

Here is a confession: at first I never expected to like Vocaloid.  Voices and clothing designs would never really leave an impact on me. My first Vocaloid songs were “Servant of Evil” and “Matryoshka”, but I am pretty sure I would have forgotten these songs after a week. Until people showed me “World Is Mine” […]

Voca-P: A New English-Centric Podcast Hosted by Demo VD & Whisper-P

Hello everyone! My name is RenegadeMizu. Before I start with my first article, I’d like to introduce myself a bit. I’m the newish Article Section Admin here at MikuDB. I’m a pretty heavy lurker, so you probably haven’t seen me around much. Trying to get that changed though, since the community here seems really cool […]

Interview with Crusher-P! (By Mikuaddict)

Thanks to the internet we can observe and experience new things that we never expect to see everyday. We never expect ourselves to be so involved in a project since it may all start from a random video recommendation from a friend or an unexpected picture and then suddenly we say in our minds “why […]

Planetary Suicide; Seaslug Reviews

Good day, good day! This time around we’ll be trying out something heavier, so boost your volumes and prepare to head bang, cuz we’ll be reviewing a Yuppe album!! check him out: here Been listening to this one more often among his other works, and I have to say, finding and downloading his works was […]