The more people rate, the more relevant the results gonna be. It is still an experimental feature and it will be very useful in the future for creating a chart of most favourite albums.


  1. Sorry, can’t split track into flacs for now.
    the wav is a 700mb+ file, so it’s prone to error when downloading. pls use third-party downloader.

    update: added flac and bonus tracks.
    update 2: deleted the wav, as it is deemed no longer necessary.

  2. Almost every morning when im going to school or when im feeling down I always listen to this album,totally LOVE IT
    (∿°○°)∿ ︵◌⑅⃝*॰ॱᗪ੨ⅈઽᵘᵏⁱ✧˖° ♡〜٩(^▿^)۶〜♡

  3. for some reason the 320k is in a bit low quality? im using headphone and turn the sound high and I can hear some noise,its like hearing song with 128k bit rate, ive tried to compare it with my other 320k so im sure of it =,=, so now im downloading the flac and planning to convert it to alac since im using itunes on ma pc and ipod when im out

  4. don’t upload the file to MEGA folder please, even we have installed MEGAsynch it don’t allow MEGAsynch user to directly download the files. instead it will download from browser, so it will be useless even we have the MEGAsynch.

    Translate (Indonesia)
    tlg jangan upload file lagu ke MEGA folder karena meski sudah kita install MEGAsynch tetap ga bisa download secara langsung, malahan tetap download di browser. jadinya ga guna ini si MEGAsynch kalo begitu caranya.

    • this is great i can’t even edit nor delete my previous comment. each time i click edit option it redirect me to home of so great. okey what i just want to say is i’m still inexperienced against MEGAsynch i just learn how to synch the file to pc and it work so i guess i want to delete my previeous comment about not uploading to megafolder.. because i can’t even delete my comment so i’ll let admin who saw this and delete it. and keep uploading to megafolder if can. or anywhere as long is still on MEGA. thanks

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