Cielo (Review by Deathspark)

The 40th album marks the last album I’ve personally wanted to review… well for now. After this album review, it’s going to be albums all of you requested! At long last you say? Just to let you guys know, I have 33 albums awaiting me to be reviewed. Based on all of the requests, I can foresee a 73rd review, or more! This is going to be a fun ride! Anyway, this album here is called Cielo. No, not the instrument, the album. It’s by Yuxuki Waga and Leggysalad, woohoo! Yeah, I know, I’m a sucker for Yuxuki Waga, but Leggysalad? He’s quite underrated if you ask me. His works are almost like Yuxuki Waga’s stuff, but slightly different, I’ll explain why later.

Album: Cielo
Genre: Calm/Soft Rock
Tracks: 6 Tracks
Song Highlight: All of the songs.

There are no intros in this album. I’m just using a variance of languages each time I want to say there is no intro.

What I like

Float (Track 1) has been reviewed here in AND AWAKE.

Quiet (Track 2) has been reviewed here in AND AWAKE.

Okay, so we have two tracks that have already been reviewed, less work for me and no need to repeat the same thing twice! However, Ordinary films (Track 3) by Yuxuki Waga, a calming tune, but not sure who sung it, definitely not Vocaloid. It makes me feel like sitting right next to the beach. Not the noisy ones. Imagine a fishing village and you’re sitting by the edge of the pier. It’s just you and the sounds of the sea. All you can do is feel the sea breeze and watch the sunset. Amazing, and I successfully did not reference it to winter, again! Anyway, with guitar strums that soothe your soul, it’s unlikely you can’t meditate with something like this.

Aquamarine (Track 4) by Leggysalad is definitely one of my all-time favorites in terms of the theme of being at the sea. This song just reminds me of a busy harbor with lots of traders. It makes you feel like you’re in the midst of a happy town. In fact, I may even relate this to scuba diving! Here, a picture as a bonus to imagine how it may feel like! By the way, to fill you in, this is Leggysalad’s style. It’s a little more random in terms of beats, but it’s all in or all out at times. You either will love the composition, or wish it didn’t happen.


Splendid indeed! I like how this song has a violin that makes it feel very pirate-ish and very cheerful at the same time. Like a tap dance of some sort. It’s rare to find a good song like this if you ask me! I just watched Uncharted 4’s playthrough, which is why it reminded me of pirates, arr.

飴色の暮らし [Life in light brown] (Track 5) by Leggysalad is perhaps feeling like a continuation of Aquamarine (Track 4). I can still have the feeling of being at the ocean. It feels like I’m on an island, a deserted island. Now, if you listened to this track, you’ll listen to Miku’s echoes here and there. This is another one of Leggysalad’s styles. Echoes, and like I said, either you like it or hate it. I liked it, of course there are ones that I didn’t like, which we may talk someday. But in this song, it’s calm and soothing, and if I can imagine something out of my head just by listening to the song, it does its job wonderfully. Oh, you can still refer the marine image above to still hold the feeling. About the song title itself? Yeah, doesn’t sound like what I imagined… But I guess it fits if we’re at a beach house? I mean, that’s what it looked like here:

おはよう [Good Morning according to Google Translate] (Track 6) by Leggysalad again feels like I could be at sea, but now knowing the title of the song, perhaps you can imagine waking up on your boat. Guess you had too many drinks last night? Anyway, I like how the song is mellow and once again, do the echoes here work? Well, it didn’t make the song sound bad, so it’s a go. I personally felt that this kind of song would work beautifully if you put this on while driving as well since it feels very adventurous at the same time. I liked how the song felt very sweet and with the drums, it balances everything out, which was beautiful to me.

What I don’t like

There is nothing to hate for me! I’m serious!


This album is absolutely recommended for those who enjoy calm and soothing music. If you need some mental healing, I can recommend this any day.

Should you buy this album? : Probably (60%)
Will Deathspark buy this album? : Most probably (80%)

I’d like to get this album if I have the chance.

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  1. how nice to read these things on this album.
    I’m not the only one to fantasize and to enter another world in another dimension where there is peace and happiness. Heaven is just one of those albums that you also leave your heart, with float and quiet I also I have the same feelings especially when walking around the lake ^ _ ^
    Life in with light brown I always closed my eyes and imagine myself in a wheat field in the sunset with orange July miku.
    The vocaloid world needs these songs, to continue to dream.
    I recommend everyone to have these albums even those who are not of the musical genre. It is a truly original experience and suitable for everyone.
    I hope for a return of Yuxuki Waga = (

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