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Today I received a mail from former admin Francois, which he sent to over 700 people who were signed up to I’d like to make an open response to it and also talk a little about the whole story, so that there won’t be any big misunderstandings.

Read the mail here:

Hello there,

Because my server catastrophically failed, and that I have other things to do in life (i.e.: working), I don’t have time to take care of
Thus I’m sending you the whole database, including over 15000 entries of Albums, Artists, Youtube and NicoNico song and obviously download links.
However, do not worry I have stripped all identifying information including but not limited to : password, emails, user names.
Finally, I am giving you a challenge : create the new, any website that has imported the all the albums will be given the domain name, both and
In the (most likely) event that more than one website feature our albums, we will make an index featuring the list of those said website.
I’m sorry I cannot take care of the website anymore.
NB : I’m sending this mail to over 700 persons in blind carbon copy.

PS: are fucking idiots. I told everyone in existence that using a WordPress for album sharing is inefficient and completely dumb. As soon as you get more than a couple thousand posts, it start slowing down like crap and is completely useless. Also search becomes unusable. WordPress is the reason why the former MikuDB website (ZakuDono’s) failed miserably (because of performance issues) and that I took on the website by rewriting it. He had to use hosting that cost over 60$ per month which is completely overkill. Don’t be dumb, don’t use WordPress. And for god sake don’t even think about blogger, I can count by dozen bloggers taken down by DMCA. Still love you guys.

To answer the technical questions:

– MikuDB is running WordPress, and it is doing just fine with the latest updates and our customization.
– Anime-mp3’s hosting is pretty tough, so you guys don’t have to fear any issues for now.

So, what’s up with anyway?

With the website’s reboot, we didn’t want to reboot “”, but the original MikuDB.
That is because I personally (and many others, too) didn’t like the idea of changing the name of a website that tells a long story and has (well, now it should be “had”) a huge fanbase.
That doesn’t mean we won’t be having any other doujin content anymore, as you can already see while browsing the website.

After Francois left the Facebook Group and me taking initiative to keep MikuDB alive, he really got me to dislike him. After asking him if we could buy the domain for 30 dollars, he just laughed and pointed out a crappy “website’s value” evaluator for We made clear, that we didn’t want “” and just wanted to carry on the good old MikuDB with its original domain, but he still tried selling us for hundreds of dollars.

But why? It seems he only wanted to profit from MikuDB’s name and fanbase, not caring about the people. And what bugs me the most is that he sent above posted mail to over 700 people in which he clearly is insulting us for trying to keep MikuDB running the way we like to do it.

Francois, at first you seemed like a nice guy, but insulting me and the others from the team is going too far. Please just leave us alone and let us at least try to build up a new website without saying we will fail. Only because you failed, it doesn’t mean we will. And if we do, then I’d be happy if someone else would keep on trying, unlike you. You are ruining so much with your little “contest” and not even selling us the domain. I hope one day you’ll learn what it means to care about others and realize when the point of going too far has been reached.

What will happen now?

Nothing special, really. We are at a point where the website is running and we all can enjoy it.
I apologize for this huge post, but this topic shouldn’t be let untouched.

Have fun!

– Yukidoke

  1. Thanks for the info and good luck with the new site. I would also like to know if there is way for me to contribute or help with the site i do know some html/css though it seems you have it under control. Sorry for posting this here but i did not see a direct way to contact to you via email.

    ps: I doubt it be available but i would love a copy of the database.

  2. Yo … I want LOTS OF VOCALOID!! D: … My vibes are so nasty right now I want lots of vocaloid!! -bangs head on the table- Must, build, database, vocaloid …

  3. Can you send me all of the link if possible to my email ( …
    I want to help this website, with submit the album.. 😀

  4. Hey Guys.
    If you want “all the links”, the easiest way to get them is to go ahead and ask for them in the Facebook Group. Some guys have pretty big 4shared or Mega folders with tons of links. As I don’t have an ordered list with them that is the best way to get them 😉

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