Classic Miku songs!

As a Vocaloid veteran, I’ve been listening to plenty of Vocaloid songs new and old. Of course, that will mean I know a lot of songs by now. Just like what the title says, yes, time to discuss the classic songs. I’m talking about when Miku was just a cute little baby, back when the majority knew jack about her.. Anyway, here are a few notable songs that may have been your first, favorite, heard before or possibly, have forgotten.

1. Melt by Ryo

Remember this song? No? I do, because it was one of the first songs I have ever heard. I’ll share my first afterwards. But this song really struck me. It made me remember how I liked Vocaloid back then, alone. Back then, most of my friends had no idea who Hatsune Miku was or Vocaloids. In fact, now when I listen to Miku’s screaming in this song compared to Miku’s screaming today, it’s completely different. Man, Miku has come a really long way from V2…

2. World is Mine

I believe most people know this song. If you don’t, well, now you do. This song sits alongside with Melt as they’re both instant classics. If you asked anyone who knew Miku back then, they would either tell you Melt or World is Mine. I swear, back then, this was one of my top songs. Well, perhaps that’s because there weren’t a huge amount of Vocaloid songs, yet… Anyway this song should be extremely familiar to most of you out there, so you can be the judge.

3. Reverse Rainbow

I’m willing to bet my cash that not many people know this song. I absolutely love this song. This was when Miku and Rin were fairly young (2009, yup…), you can clearly hear the quality not being at it’s best, but that does not mean the song is bad. In fact, it really hit my nostalgia spot and at the same time, even this time, I still felt that this song is wonderful. I like how this song utilized Miku and Rin’s voice, proving that they can actually sing very long notes properly. In fact, watching the video, you can obviously see that the quality is bad. Wait, you know this song? Perhaps the Mirai DX game helped promote this song I suppose?

4. Rolling Girl

Yup, this is indeed a treat for rock enthusiasts. This song introduced me to wowoka’s capabilities in making rock songs. Was it good? It was, and right now, it still is. I love how the rock and piano just comes together to create a very rushed feeling and at the same time, a beautiful melody. This song should be a must know for most Vocaloid rock enthusiast fans, whatever you want to call it. This song is pretty much screaming “This is how Vocaloid rock should be!”

5. Ievan Polkka

I swear to god, if none of you know this song… You should really, REALLY brush up your Vocaloid knowledge. Known as one of the first Hatsune Miku songs out there, this song has been used quite frequently such as a playable song in Project Diva and a tutorial song in Project Diva F, and also lots of random, things…

Yeah… Anyway, it’s a catchy tune, sort of and it’s the most classic Miku song I can think of honestly. By the way, this was the first Hatsune Miku song I have ever listened to, thanks MUGEN!
(NOTE: MUGEN is a fighting game. Apparently there was Hatsune Miku as a fighter in MUGEN, and that’s how I knew Hatsune Miku at the very beginning. I am not lying.)

6. Saihate

Listening to this makes me feel old god damn it… Yes, standing close to Ievan Polkka, this is also quite old (2008, SERIOUSLY?!). The melody still keeps up, though it won’t be one of my top songs. However, it’s an instant the classic the moment I fired it up. Oh good old times when Hatsune Miku’s voice was still very experimental… Anyway, from this song, I believe you can see that Miku does not need to be high pitched to actually sing.

7. Miku Miku Ni Shite Ageru

Oh god, how old I am now… Yep, this song is another one of those super old songs and you can clearly see that Miku’s model back then isn’t particularly the best, but if you went back in time to see this, holy smokes, Miku, IN 3D?! UNREAL!!! Yeah Anyway, this is also a very catchy tune, and hopefully, this may ring a few bells here and there.

8. Po Pi Po – Vegetable Juice

Oh, god… This notorious song, weird, yet, extremely catchy. I immediately laughed when Miku said “WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE” Damn this song is hilarious. Who knew vegetable juice can be a great source for music? But if I’m going to take this seriously, this song is one of those songs that has the special vibe that makes you remember the song. In other words, I don’t think I’ll forget this song anytime soon.

9. Triple Baka

Who remembers this? I do. I almost thought Hatsune Miku was real, like a real Anime character, but no, if I said that, Vocaloid fans will bring their weapons of mass destruction to my house… But to be fair, that’s what we all (Probably) thought Miku was back then before we know about all of this Vocaloid, stuff. Anyway, this song is also very memorable, just like Po Pi Po. ridiculous, but catchy.

10. The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku

I’ll admit, I almost cried when I saw this song back then. Back when I thought Hatsune Miku was an Anime character and thought she was truly going to disappear, well now she’s alive more than ever with a 4th version coming soon… The reason I almost cried was because I was just starting to love Miku and suddenly, she’s going to die, what? Anyway, this song was good, but too tragic for my heart to take. Personally, it’s songs like these that make me remember how much I cared dearly for Vocaloids, and I still do as I write this article. In fact, if you ask a rhythm gaming enthusiast about this song and know about it, they’ll most probably tell you this song is a pain in the ass to complete.

11. Hello Planet

I’m probably murdering all of you with intense feelings now. Forgive me for that, but I just had to put this in the list. Yes, this is also one of the classics out there that can kick you right in the nuts. It’s a cute song at first, but watch until the end. Once again, back then, the naive me thought Hatsune Miku was an Anime character or a game character and thought this was an actual game. Oh no, that’s not right, so yeah, Hatsune Miku back then ladies and gentlemen. Oh, if you’re going to tell me this was released 3 years ago, this was a re-release on the official Youtube channel. If you googled up Hello Planet, it’s actually 6 years old, in other words, the 2010 era. Yes, it’s that old.

12. From Y to Y

Last video to present for today. This song is also one of those songs that I used to love. Now? Well, my nostalgic bone is ringing a lot. Is it good? It’s still quite good today actually. Yes, once again, this was proof that Miku is able to sing slow and calm songs. Most of the songs I show above are either catchy or very intense. This one is quite calm. Yeah sure, argue with me that Last Night, Good Night did the same, but this was before Last Night Good Night even existed. I love how Miku’s voice is so powerful in this song. It felt like Miku was singing in a huge concert with all her heart. It’s beautiful, and charming at the same time.

And that’s all I’ll write for now. If I continue further, well, I can, but I would not love to give you a text wall, half a text wall. Go ahead and share more classics! I know more, and I can probably tell you more about what you have shared! Oh, and here’s a random video of how I thought Hatsune Miku was Anime.

It’s K-ON, dammit, I GOT TRICKED! TRICKED!!!

One more for fun. Okay, promise, I’ll stop.

  1. Thanks for reminding me! Seriously, I do forget most of these songs, especially that Reverse Rainbow :3
    So much memory Q~Q

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