Color Complex (Review by Deathspark)

14th album goes to Color Complex! Let’s go because this one’s a good old album with some awesome tracks! Get your headphones on and let the techno beats come! It has multiple artists, but familiar faces are in them. Expect Clean Tears and 8#Prince.

Album: Color Complex
Genre: Electronica/Techno/Trance/Calm
(Sadly, the best link I could find, this one’s pretty rare for some reason…)
Tracks: 11
Song Highlight: Both versions of Solesta!!!! – Tune the Summer Remix – (Track 2 and 11) [Normal and Extended Version], Saggitarius –Star-Sprangled Remix- (Track 5), Music kick -M/U/S/I/C Remix- (Track 8), SPiCa -ReACT Trance Remix- (Track 9)

The intro is hype, just like how I’m writing this article now because this album is all about hype, well not all songs, but most I suppose. It gives you that preparation as if you’re entering a new world of electronica music. This is what most albums should have. A strong introduction to scream “Welcome to my world!”.

What I like

Solesta!!!! – Tune the Summer Remix – (Track 2 and 11) has two versions, the normal one and the extended one. I’ll just describe the extended one. I’ll explain why later. The song feels exactly like how the song title tells me, summer. If you needed a song for summer, well fire this up. This is perfect. Not to mention it sort of gives you the futuristic world kind of feeling looking at sexy bikini babes (just like the album cover, almost. I mean, it’s just one very revealing Miku there.) So this album here just screams it out loud in this song. The normal one is a compact version of the extended version and usually extended versions just makes the song longer. In other words, choose. You want to listen for a while or go all in?

Saggitarius –Star-Sprangled Remix- (Track 5) feels like winter, how did it transition to this? I don’t know, just listen and you’ll be agreeing on what I mean. It has that piano and the accompanying melody of light sounds. The touches of beats here and there makes it feel like a winter wonderland which is great because the song still feels upbeat this way. I like the way Miku’s voice was passionately sung in this one, especially back when she was still a young version. (Version 2) I call it young because now Version 4 is coming already.

Music kick -M/U/S/I/C Remix- (Track 8) is an instant classic to my ears. Really. It was one of those first few songs I had ever listened before I jumped into the Vocaloid craze. It has that sick beat with ambient sounds, but at the same time upbeat and at the same time so hype! This song got my 5 stars back then. Should I give it 5 stars now too? Maybe not. It has shown it’s age, so I’m not super excited about this as I was back then. Still, it’s a great song, not a terrible one. It’s one of those trance songs I like. I’m not a fan of trance, this one does well. If I were to choose the best trance song, this may be it.

SPiCa -ReACT Trance Remix- (Track 9) is one of those songs that the remix does better than the original to me. It could be a bias though because like I said, I knew Music Kick as one of the first few songs before the craze, so it’s no surprise I found this first. I found Spica later, which is not unusual because most people would find the original first, but I found this first so it really made me impressed. Honestly, after listening to this version, I’ll never listen to Spica like how anyone else would picture it. This was is elegant yet powerful at the same time. Spica feels sort of powerful, but this one has elegance in it. That’s why I like it. The piano sounds go very well with Spica’s melody, add electronica and I’m in. This one is a go for anyone who loves the original and need their electronica fix.

What I don’t like

I did mention that there are some remixes that do better than the original, but this one here does not unfortunately. Electric・Love -Luv electro Remix- (Track 3) feels, weird… I know I’ve heard this one first and then listened to the original, but Electric Love feels better than this. This one feels very bland. Miku’s voice does not go well with the melody. I guess it’d be okay if it was just the BGM, but Miku’s voice in it does not go well with the melody? No, just, no. It’s like having steak and suddenly you put in sardines with tomato on them. Are they good when you eat them separately? Yes. Are they good when placed together? Not really.

Personal Opinions

LEO -Smelk2 Remix- (Track 4) almost made it, but did not make it to the highlight, sadly. I had high hopes for this one because it was so energetic, but it’s a little slow. People who like slower electronica songs would love this, but not for me. This one’s not for me unfortunately, wished it was. It’s decent though; I’m not saying it’s bad. It’s alright, melody is there and the song is comfortable to listen to, but just not enough for me to highlight.

Anata ni Hana wo Watashi ni Uta wo -Feelin’ Wave Remix- (Track 6) is better than it’s original (The original is simply the title without the feelin wave remix) but didn’t sound as great. It’s not bad, but not really good either. So this song is at the fence for me.

Dreamscape (Track 7) is not for me, definitely. It’s trance, and what did I say about trance? Yeah, about the part where I’m not a fan of it? Exactly. Trance songs make me sleepy, because it puts you in a trance. No pun intended. Anyway, this song is perfect for trance lovers, but not for me.

Aways Together (Track 10) is one weird addition to the whole album. You’re so hyped and suddenly, a slow song…? Not to mention not Electronica, trance or techno. A calm one…? Reasons why I labelled this album with calm in the genres as well. Nope, this song is too slow for me, but it may appeal to people who love slow songs.


This album caters to trance and electronica beats (Minus Track 10) so if you love them, you’d love this.

Should you buy this album? : Maybe.
Will Deathspark buy this album? : No
Reason: It’s not too appealing to me. Sure it has some great tracks, but I don’t think I’d die for this album.

3/5, it’s decent, but not bad either.
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  1. Yes…Yes…Yes.
    You should surely get this album, if you are into electronicas.
    To me, this album is really appealing. I love every song just like always, except the intro and yes..electric’s weird, but it’s not because of the vocal, it’s the melody that doesnt fit well.

    • Well, I’ll admit, I’d recommend to buy this album though if it was 2 years ago. I guess times changed and I changed too, so it’s always based on our opinion I suppose. Glad to hear someone agreeing that the Electric Love remix is a little weird.

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