Different Vocaloid Concerts (by Mikuaddict)

Several Vocaloid fans are always hunting for the Vocaloid concerts. It’s not just for the songs. It’s the outfits, the models, and the people who are going. Everything is important, but Vocaloids are not just high pitch voices with cute designs. It takes hundreds of people to make it into an art that can bring back thousands of others from all over the world to make it into something unique and different. If you’re new to the Vocaloid community, we welcome you. Here is the list of Vocaloid concerts that made a difference in the Vocaloid community and in music.

Nico Nico Cho Party

Sadly this concert comes only once a year but when it finally arrives it’s all worth it. This concert comes first because if you’re a new Vocaloid fan, or already an extreme fan, both can enjoy classics to new songs. From the website where the first Vocaloid video was uploaded, they now each year make a concert for its users, making it better with each performance. What it makes it so unique is that the Vocaloid seem more realistic, because you can see them dance more as they follow the steps of many popular videos where users make dances of the songs. Just imagine your favorite singer dancing the same dance moves you made in a YouTube video. That is what Vocaloid is about, the people who work hard to make a difference Also you can see other Vocaloids dance or play an instrument when they don’t actually need to be there. You can hear remixes with a lot of Vocaloids singing together since its so rare in an official concert to see. And when a song ends the Vocaloid never disappears, the Vocaloid introduces the next song making sure the audience never stops watching the screen. Of course, Miku is the main performance but if you’re looking to watch another Vocaloid you will be satisfied.
Here is the opening performance from last year:

But if you want to see the whole concert please check the NicoNico official YouTube channel

Nico Nico concert 2015

Vocaloid Opera AOI with Bunraku Puppets

Japan is one of the countries that surprises all of us. Even if we see so many amazing things out of it, Japan is still is faithful and respects its history. But sometimes in order to keep both present and historical moments respected, you need to combine it and see how both generations meet.
Now let me present you a Bunraku puppet…

Nobody knows when the Bunraku Puppets where created, but they where used for religious rituals to communicate with the Gods. They still use the Bunraku Puppets for plays or in rural zones where they are placed to protect the children from sickness.

What does this have to do with Vocaloid? Well the people from Star Gate Co. and Tamawari musical office combined both of things together. While the Bunraku Puppets did the play, Vocaloid was used to sing and narrate as they go on. With voices of Yuzuki Yukari, Nekomura Iroha and Vy1v3 to make this concert a whole new thing.



Here is the trailer! Enjoy!

Vocaloid Opera “The End”

Sometimes there are things you just can’t understand, even if you try really har to find meaning in it. But when you actually find it, you find yourself a little bit afraid ,especially if you see the opera “The End” starting Hatsune Miku. This a really different style concert since you see Miku in a different shape and form an as the concert goes on it seems like a story of Miku being scared of death or finding immortality and ending being a dragon.

Here is an example of what was happening in the concert:

In any way we should not look at a Vocaloid as a person but as a community, that is what makes Vocaloid so different since you can view any character as you wish. Hopefully we can see more and more concerts because the surprises will never end.

Thanks for reading!


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