Digital Colors – ヤスオP (Demo’s review)


Well, this one takes the cake as a massive spray of “digital colors”, but this EP is a good intro to new Vocaloid listeners: 4 songs, not too long, not too short, Miku and a piece made over 6 years ago. It’s a good album, and classic to some, and also my ex-girlfriends favorite EP- we’re mutual, so don’t worry. I also introduced it to her. But I win because her new boyfriend breeds parrots… not joking!


Name: Digital Colors

Producer: Yasuo

 Release Date: 5/20/2009

 Vocaloid: Hatsune Miku


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I’m just going to tell you what my Ex told me about this album, when I was courting her- as she says- because I feel she says it best: “Oh, this album is one of my favorites. The whole feeling of it is worth listening to over and over again. Digital Colors is a massive time consumer when you listen because you get snatched up by the treble. One of my favorite Miku albums to date.” Or something to that effect. She kept going on about it over the course of a year. Take it from a true fan, and just a fan (me), it is worth your time to listen to.


  • Water Colors
  • Electric Angel
  • Azurite -short version-
  • Don’t Stop the Rain


Emotion Rating: Look under the song titles in the “Detailed Review” to see Mr. Opinion Face’s emotion on the song. Plus, if there is a “Sawbat Approved” Icon, the song is top notch as mine and Sawbat’s favorite of the album- we have the same tastes. 1 means it sucks so bad that you just wanna drink toilet water, 10 means it’s so good that you just wanna sleep with your eyes open and a smile on your face.

Sawbat Approved:

Sawbat Approved

9-10: (⋂‿⋂) – Love It!

7-8: (•‿•) – Good!

5-6: (•~•) – Meh!

3-4: (•︵•) – Disappointment!

1-2: (╥﹏╥) – It Sucks!


Detail Review:

1) Water Colors

Emotion: (⋂‿⋂) – Love It!

Nothing like the sound of water droplets hitting the keyboard… that’s not what it sounds like, the sound just reminds me of water drops like in a lot of anime and such. Chiptunes coupled with a rocking guitar makes the power develop over the whole song and then slowly descends into a paced finale leading into a fade out. Miku can get pretty fast singing along to this song. But who cares how fast, or the lyrics- go ahead and sing or hum along.


2) Electric Angel

Sawbat Approved

Sawbat, do you have anything to say?

Sawbat: “*hum, hum, hum, hum, hum…*”

Guess not! Electric Angel is one of many Miku songs that gets hopelessly lost inside your head, passing by the same neuron pretentiously, all while asking directions to the great outside. Little neurons say “We want you to stay here… FOREVEEEEEEEEEER!!” And then spout off a creepy laugh- back to the point.

The electronic beat is smooth and all the notes are strategically placed to get your groove on. Somehow, this chorus sounds sort of familiar, or maybe it’s just the wings it gives my mind to fly into the clouds… talk about an upbeat rhythm. Overall, this song truly does sound heavenly.


3) Azurite -short version-

Emotion: (•‿•) – Good!

Uh oh, another Miku song that has a tendency to lull me into a near sleep trance. If you didn’t understand that, then I’ll say that this song is both soothing and at a moderate speed causing the electronically made orchestral sounds to bring in some rainbows into your eyesight (or ‘optics’ for supernerds). When listening to this song, it’s hard to stay focused during the verse because of Miku’s voice. This says it is the “short version”, and I haven’t heard the “normal version” yet. But don’t let that sway you, it is 3:29 long.


4) Don’t Stop the Rain

Emotion: (•‿•) – Good!

Remember when I said that Azurite was soothing but at a moderate tempo? Well this song is more soothing and slow. Also, this one was my Ex’s favorite. Miku sings on and off in this one, but it doesn’t take away the “Miku” essence of this song. In the chorus you can also hear a distinct sound of rain of the roof. A sweet piano scale and a soft pillow… whoa! You can tell I’m getting sleepy already, especially when I don’t even backspace to change my mistake. I love Miku’s soft voice!!!


Quickie Review:

8 out of 10

Emotion: (•‿•) – Good!


Support The Artist:

You can buy this album from a number of places; even download it on the MikuDB site. Well, this was filled with puns, wasn’t it!

Amazon US

Amazon JP



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