Download feat.初音ミク (Review by Deathspark)

The 44th album, Download. Yeah, that’s the name apparently. An album containing some artists people would be so hyped about, but to me, I have a bad feeling… I am fully aware that I am not a huge sucker for any of the artists here, but that does not mean I must judge it harshly. I will do my best to like something, I hope…

Album: Download
Genre: Mixed (Consists of Rock, Techno, soft, calm …)
Tracks: 16 Tracks
Song Highlight: 初音ミクの消失 (feat.石川綾子 ヴァイオリン ver.) (Track 7), おちゃめ機能 (Track 9), ECHO (Track 16)

No intros this time, again, as usual…?

What I like

初音ミクの消失 (feat.石川綾子 ヴァイオリン ver.) [Disappearance of Hatsune Miku] (Track 7) by cosMo-P and石川綾子 (Ayako Ishikawa) is a beauty. What’s different in this version? The violin. I’ve heard the violin before, just the violins in an album called VOCALO CLASSIC containing Vocaloid songs with just a violin. I loved it there, but to hear it put together, I feel like the song is amplified. So much elegance and sorrow from one song that is extremely rushed and panicked. I can feel the strength of the violin along with Miku’s voice. The sound of the violin going together in sync with Miku’s voice is amazing. The violin could keep up which was amazing and I’m typing based on the tempo of the song, which is also amazing. Who knew songs can be so amazing?! I’m done, the song ended the moment I typed this.

おちゃめ機能 [Fukkireta] (Track 9) by Lamaze-P is a super duper old song, and once again, an ultimate classic. For some reason, I keep listening to classic nowadays… This is the long version, there is a shorter version. Here is the old video for you to remind you of the classics:

I love how this song is cute and charming, it’s one of the few Teto songs I actually liked. In fact, this may be the only one. I constantly laugh and smile from this song since it’s so adorable. This is Lamaze-P’s style until now everyone. I’d like to give Lamaze-P a shot one day. Oh, and don’t forget the head bang, it’s a must when listening to this song.

ECHO (Track 16) by CrusherP is as expected, powerful and tolerable English, kinda. The song reminds me of a Touhou styled song or a party where everyone is drunk and head banging like mad animals. It comes to show that Vocaloids, well, Gumi, can sing English if done properly. It would be assumed as Nightcore by some people, until they knew the singer wasn’t a real person. I’ll be honest, if I didn’t knew who Gumi was or Vocaloids, I’d immediately say “This Nightcore is nice!” Oh technology, you’re moving too quickly… I recall talking about EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Entrance Dream Music whereby CIRCRUSH did a good job on Crystalline. Now, after some research, I noticed that CIRCRUSH was actually Circus-P and Crusher-P, good on both of you! This explains why this song’s English is tolerable!

What I don’t like

I instantly threw a 2 star on Connecting (Track 1). I heard Kaito, I quickly paused it and gave it a 2. But that would be unfair, so I tried to continue a little further, but I can’t. Whenever he sings, I am in pain. It hurts to listen to him, it, it’s a software anyway. So I’m sorry Kaito fans, this song is out of my list.

Oh, I’m supposed to give an overview about the album, where was I…? That’s right, full of artists not up my alley. As anticipated, I am not a fan of most of the songs here. However, there are a few nostalgic factors. One of them is magnet (Track 4) by minato. This is a duet with Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka, one of the first few good duets back in the good old classic days. What’s with Miku Classic songs and me nowadays…? Anyway, this song made me remember how old songs were, and did it live up to my expectations? It’s good, but not very good, sorry!

Another old song would beロミオとシンデレラ [Romeo and Cinderella] (Track 11) and I believe this is extremely popular as well. Should I create another Classic Miku song list…? Anyway, this song was great for nostalgia, but once again, does it live up to today for me? Not so much honestly. I admit, I used to love this song, but now, I guess it’s acceptable and not bad…

Calc. (Track 13) by OneRoom hit me in the nostalgic bone hard. I checked my archives, and it didn’t exist, WHAT?! I swear, this song was super familiar to me, but in this album, this wasn’t the original. This version is slower and is sang by Megurine Luka. The original had Miku in it, and sang like a bullet train. I prefer the original somehow, but now that I know I have a missing piece, I may need to find the original and add it to my library of songs… Anyway, this version isn’t really good for me, but some may like it.

Of course, that will mean most of you will fight back on certain notable songs, likeストリーミングハート [Streaming Heart] (Track 5) by DECO*27 and kous. Deathspark, you liked DECO*27, is what you may say. This is the part of DECO*27 I didn’t like honestly. I prefer DECO*27’s other cuter and happier tone compared to this slightly darker one, not for me, sorry!

Oh no, we have keeno, the artist most people like. The song morning haze (Track 15) is a little monotonous to me, so fire me with all of your machineguns, I’m taking them. It wasn’t interesting to me. Just like most keeno songs I know, slow and not my style. Sorry keeno fans, I don’t like this one!


It’s an album with hit and misses. A good album to experiment what you may like!

Should you buy this album? : Probably (65%)
Will Deathspark buy this album? : Maybe not? (40%)

Sure it has a few notable songs, but I’m not desperate for it.

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  1. Have you considered to do collabs review? Doing that is actually very good for compilation album like this because compilation often has wide variate genre and collabs review will help you to cover some genre that you are not familiar/do not like, like when you ditch out keeno without any hestiate.

  2. I can review anything as long as they are requested. Oh, keep in mind that the condition is the album must somehow have a relation to Vocaloids!

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