Early Early (Review by Deathspark)

Onto my 4th album review! Another underrated artist again, I know. I bet some of you don’t even know who made this. The artist’s name is Anemone (Yes, the ones you find in the sea) and I don’t know why, but there you go, that’s the name.

Album : Early Early
Genre : Electronica
Tracks : 7
Song Highlight : ALL SONGS (Except Intro)

The intro isn’t that great, not much of a punch. Whatever never let the intro judge aye? (Songs are arranged in track order)

What I like

Since it’s all of the tracks, I’ll have to try my best to obtain as much data as possible ><; You’ll see why as you continue reading.

Plastic Boy is a song I can’t find details on, unfortunately. Like I said, this artist isn’t very famous so trying to find his songs on Youtube is like trying to find a leprechaun. Anyway, I usually am not a fan of slow electronica, but this sort of caught my attention because it’s quite catchy. I usually like songs that can catch me to enjoy it all the way. This song caught my attention so it’s more of a medium paced song, not really too slow. So yeah, it’s a good song for relax.

Early Early is the first song I have heard from this artist and I loved it ever since. It’s fast and catchy and to mix it with Gumi’s slightly deep voice, but sweetened? Well, the equation worked to me. It’s about a girl who kinda regretted about her love story. She kinda reminds herself about her past and most probably tried to meet the Early Girl a.k.a past self. I’m not 100% sure what it really means but that was how it looked like to me.

雨模様 (Sign of rain? Google Translated, no idea what this is…) has an interesting tune to it. It has a constant tempo and usually songs like this will fail me because they usually can get a little too repetitive. This one doesn’t fall into that category. It’s just nice and it does not overdo the beats. It’s well composed and it does in fact feel very robot-ish. I’d like to know the meaning of the song though, that’d be nice.

Royal feels like a song from a game which is entering from character select to combat. It creates a unique atmosphere to me and of course, once again the song is catchy as always. What I really like about this song is that light feeling when I listen to this song. Pacing is okay and it feels almost relaxing sometimes, which is weird, but I like it. The sounds are bright and cheerful which makes the relaxing ones feel, happy and relaxing if that’s how you want to call it? Yeah, that’s how I would define it.

Marionette, ah, another song that feels like I’m in a game again. Usually songs that feel like a game makes you want to focus, and they usually catch your attention. This one plays the same way. Except, when you go further into the song, I feel like a dance can be made out of this because of its changing speeds. It doesn’t remain still, it goes fast, slow, fast and it doesn’t ruin the feel either. Sometimes when songs change the speed, they do it at a time you hope they don’t do it. This one makes sure that does not happen. Once again, happy tunes, not so relaxing this time though. It’s upbeat and happy, so there you go.

In the bloom has a very bright feeling to me. Once again, I can’t really describe bright, but it feels very enlightening so it’s a go for me. Pacing is fine and I do enjoy the fact that it is comfortable to the ears. It makes me feel cute… Ew, I know. The song is cute, just like most songs above. This song doesn’t overdose it, which is great. I know there are way cuter songs out there, but usually overdosed. This one has the right amount of dosage and it just feels right.

What I don’t like

I just highlighted every song, should I really dislike anything here? The intro maybe…?

Personal Opinions

I got nothing to say really! I’ve described every song, so I can’t really have a personal opinion here.


This album consists of high pitched Miku voices and definitely not for listeners who want slow paced music or even cute music. If you like cute music or fast paced music, well please buy this.

Should you buy this album? : Yes
Will Deathspark buy this album? : Yes
Reason: I am surprised this artist isn’t that famous, but I guess not many people like this artist :<

A 4/5 for me. There are no super highlight songs for me here so unless I can get at least 2 rank 5 stars, a 5/5 may be possible.

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  1. Thanks for the review, i loved this album and i will sure check this artist, his bass is fast, and style is so unique and fun 😀

    Sorry for not being able to comment before, final term int he university etc, yet looking forward for all your reviews ^^

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