Eschatology (Review by Deathspark)

Onto the 45th album. The album name is quite a mouthful honestly… Eschatology (Thank god it’s not Japanese) by Muryoku-P. Finally I get the chance to talk about this artist, a hardcore rock pounding artist. Whenever you hear his songs, expect Utsu-P level rock. If you don’t know Utsu-P, well, just Google it up, it’s that hardcore. Let’s get going shall we?

Album: Eschatology
Genre: Rock/Orchestra
Tracks: 11 Tracks
Song Highlight: GravitoN (Track 3), Forest Mystique (Track 4), Existence (Track 5), Catastrophe (Track 10), Another EdeN (Track 11)

The intro was hype as hell, as if it’s an intro for an epic adventure game. I must say, I was seriously blown away by this song. I can imagine wars happening in my mind and lots of bloodshed splattered all over the place, like one huge story from start till end of the intro. Simply amazing I must say.

What I like

GravitoN (Track 3) felt like a robot war, imagine Gundams flying around shooting at each other with their beam rifles at blinding speeds. Imagine beam saber battles amongst robots, clashing blades and glorious fights. This is what this song was telling me, it’s making me pumped, it made me feel like I was in the war, and it made me feel the rush of a war. The song mixes techno and rock, and it works wonders. It’s one of those songs where you can perfectly do a robot battle animation and just play the entire song. I can probably write a story just by listening to the song, of course, without an animator, it would be difficult.

Forest Mystique (Track 4) was amazing, but I had to put it in my Inspiration playlist because it wasn’t really a complete song. It felt mysterious, soothing, the calm after the storm. It’s a song perfect for healing the wounds of the previous battles. The song continues right after GravitoN, so it syncs perfectly. Like I said, I can imagine a beautiful story with war and glory from all of this.

Existence (Track 5) felt like a lost child in the woods after his father’s kingdom got ravaged. After growing up, he decided to seek for vengeance on the people who tore apart his kingdom. Yeah, I already imagined something this far from a 2 minute track, once again going to the Inspiration playlist. It’s great for a short storytelling session however I must say. Like a small magic show?

Catastrophe (Track 10) was epic as hell, literally. The song immediately made me feel like I was fighting in hell. It was such a catastrophic mess, but a beautiful mess. I just love it somehow. The power of the guitars and the thumping drums, just amazing. I like how this song made me feel like I was fighting the final boss with all my might after an approximate 30 minute battle with this album. It felt like the battle where you have already lost everything and had nothing to lose. You are fighting at the very last bit as you struggle to even stand. Alright, before I actually turn this into an actual novel, I better stop.

Another EdeN (Track 11) was a soothing song that made the whole journey worth it. It’s calming, the end of the road, the demon lord has been defeated, and now you’re resting after the battles you have fought. Now, all you want is a good night sleep, and probably some food afterwards. This song made me feel like the war was all taking place in a dystopian future with static sounds here and there. I guess a mechanical war is possible I suppose. If that’s the case, we’ll need a mechanical demon lord, right?

What I don’t like

The songs I didn’t like were mainly due to the fact that they were too noisy to the point where it felt messy and hard to enjoy. However, I won’t guarantee that it will be bad for you. It’s probably nice if you need something to wake you up. Some were dull, some didn’t attract me enough, I won’t point out which since I just want to sum it up since I may just be talking about the same thing over and over. You can see if it’s not in what I like, it’s what I don’t like.


This album contains songs that feel warlike. Need something to accompany your fighting spirit? This may be the answer. This album primarily utilizes Luka as the singer, therefore, don’t expect a lot of high pitched screaming. I must say however, after listening to the entire album, it may be possible to create an actual storyline based on all of these songs here. I may do it if you guys want me to, and it’d be a fun challenge for me to take on! 😉

Should you buy this album? : Perhaps? (70%)
Will Deathspark buy this album? : Maybe? (60%)

It’s not bad, but I won’t say it’s extremely good either. Credits on how much of a story-like feel this album had.

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