Feature highlights: User picture galleries and Groups!

While we are still fixing the bugs day by day, there is still room for development and showcase of new functions that our new MikuDB got. I would like to highlight every week some features, because I am aware that not everyone noticed them.

The user picture galleries can be found in the main menu under the tab “Community”, same place, where Groups are located. To access your created galleries, you can simply do it by heading to the User panel on the right side.

User galleries

User galleries were a long anticipated feature. Before, users could just post pictures, it was hard to find, upload and operate. Now, everything is simplified and just like you can do on Facebook, group them into galleries. Those galleries, you can either choose to make them public, or private ( just to you or friends). A new gallery can be created by choosing the Gallery from your user panel.


Here, you can simply upload all kinds of pictures you want and share them with people inside community. Either is it your favourite pictures, pictures of your Vocaloid collection ( figures, CDs), or even your original artwork! Let your fantasy free!



You can also start by posting your picture form anywhere! If you do that, automatically a wall gallery will be created with all pictures you posted. Simply by clicking on Upload a new picture.

upload new


User groups

With the new update, we decided to also add a new community feature called Groups. For now, there will be only official groups and it is up to you to join. Let me list the groups for you and their function.

There will be 3 kind of groups. Public, Private and Invisible. We will mostly have Public and private, where on private you cannot see the content inside without joining. A moderator or Admin has to accept your request.

For now, we are still in search for moderators for each group, but we will eventually search for one once the groups are filled with people and based on how much hardworking the person inside the group is. As you can notice, this is the path we chose for MikuDB. The point is to distribute more the work among even normal members and not to just rely on staff members. As the history of MikuDB prooved, maintaining the site with just some small personnel is impossible longterm wise and is mostly the reason why our predecessors failed.



Request album

Before, we used the comments to request albums. It wasnt looking neat and we easily overlooked alot of request. The new idea was to use of google forms and publicly give the link to the sheet where people could insert links. The funny fact is we did not expect that there are some people, who would delete the links every week and forcing me to run the backups… To make it easier for us and for you, we will take now request only written there. The group is public and everyone can create requests or answer them, but can only delete their own. Since its a threaded type of communication, we will always know what is going on.


Welcome committee

This group is also public for all to join without approve from a moderator. The aim of the group is to welcome everyone new to MikuDB, answering his questions if he post something, keep the conversation and post flowing in and welcoming him warmhear tedly if he is willing to say hello to us with his first post!

The person responsible for this group is our staff member Ayane Mimi. Sure be nice to her!:)


Album indexing group

Are you tired with just being a normal visitor? Join this group and help with posting new albums, sharing links to new albums! This group is basically for people, who like to be involved with the content. The new mikuDB is more open to everyone. We don’t want to be the only one to manage the content. It should be also you! With the tools to edit links and information available to everyone, it should make things easier. In this group, you should get to know each other more, people who also do things you are doing. Also, it is the ideal place to share links to new albums or albums that are not yet on MikuDB if you don’t want to be the person to create the album entries. There will be also a moderator who will be posting links there so you guys could create albums out from it.

Also, very active people there could be eventually be invited, if they don’t want to be part of MikuDB staff team with a higher position.

Information hunters

As you know, there are times, where we don’t know about what we should write the news. Help us by sharing the links inside the group. We are relying on you, help us to gather information and let us be up to date!


Your opinion matters!

If anyone has any question regarding anything, we would be more then just happy to answer and clear things out for you. If you got any idea, which new groups should we create, comment down below.

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