Featured Video of The Week #1

Hai! Welcome to featured video! Every week I will look for a video that either interests me, I really enjoy or even some of the request of your video! Thanks for reading!

The video this week is Hachune Miku- World is Mine! Lol half of you are hatin’ and the other half see a brand new friendship on the horizon… But back to the video, though. But Listen to it below at 1:54-ish at max out your volume…Sorry about some of your ears. But some of you decide to read before you watch, those people got lucky. Back the video itself now. Hachune is suppose to be a “mockery” of Hatsune, but was officially recognized as a character as she appeared in Project DIVA games. The video starts of pretty squeaky, but for a real VOCALOID they will most likely look at the song as a well-ish made one. After the beginning squeaking Hachune starts singing very much like the character she stemmed from, as for the song itself ,except 1:54 is great! Now you decide what do you all think of this weeks choice and any videos you want to see here? Message me a video you want to see! I won’t be able to get to all of them though, I have schoolwork to do still!


P.P.S. Sorry about all the ish-es.

  1. It sound quite similar to chipmunks just which voice bank did the producer made when making the song, either way its quite entertaining but of course still prefer the original

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