Featured Video Of The Week #6

Yes, I know that this is my 4th v4x demo video and 2nd Kagamine v4x Demo,(First being a fan-made one.), but give me a break, I like these videos. This video was chosen because of many reasons, there were also some other things that I disliked about it. Now let’s get into the video!

There are many reasons I had chosen this video. I really do enjoy the Kagamines a lot. The song showcased Tokyo Zombieland, which I would like if someone could link me to a longer version of the song, please and thank you, I thought this song showcased the Kagamines v4xβ bank better than how Electric Saturator did for Miku’s v4xβ bank. I would say go listen to the song! A 4 out of 5!

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Happy Holidays


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