First words from the newly elected Head Admin.

Source of artwork is from Saikka. Though the actual source has been deleted.


Hey peeps, Kyro here.

As you may know, and probably much to your chagrin, I am now the Head Admin of Mikudb. Not much to comment on that, just felt the need to reiterate it to make it obvious that I know some of you are unhappy with the change. That’s all right, though. I understand where you are coming from and what I did or did not do to displease you. What matters now is that the Mikudb is online and it’s stable enough to persist doing so.


>Who are you? How did you get here?


I’m pretty much a nobody. I don’t have any sort of renown in any Vocaloid community since I refused to interact with them. Back then, I used MDB to get my hands on Vocaloid albums I coveted since I didn’t have the financial capacity to purchase any nor the means to do so. I felt the need to repay to MDB in some way for all of the albums I have enjoyed, so I decided to work in the Album section. I fixed entries, backed albums up, and uploaded albums en mass. I also entertained peeps on Discord with a character and moderated the server. A lot happened as I worked; one thing let to another and we had to elect a new AlSec Head Admin which went to both Zooba and I. Then Mikudb went down and a lot more things went downhill afterward. One day Yun came to me and said that he wanted me to be Mikudb’s next Head Admin since he’ll be stepping down due to being so burned out by many things. I was reluctant at first since I do not like being put under leader’s bias and leader’s folly. But it’s either I step up or MDB dissolve, so I had to take up his mantle. Thus here we are, MDB back online, Yun unshackled and free to take up new endeavour, and we can work as we always did back then.

>What will happen to MDB from now on?


I will perpetuate and expand on my first intention of working with MDB. I treated the database as a database then, thus I shall treat it as such until the end. In which this database must have as much Vocaloid albums as it could conceivably collect and maintain. With that said, I don’t wish to go big or expand Mikudb in terms of functionality way beyond its capacity as a database. I don’t intend on generating any kind of profit of it and the moment I do, I made sure those standing side by side to chastise me for it. The ads you see are entirely so that we don’t have to pay the webhosting and some such, which FYI, costs less than 50 USD a year. Any surplus money made will find its way back to the producers, one way or another. All of us will pocket none of it. With that said, I’ll be focusing on three things for the database: availability, longevity, and consistency. Availability refers to the availability of albums and the availability of the database, in which we will do our best to acquire any and all albums featuring Vocaloids as well as ensuring that the database exist in can be accessed in one way or another. Longevity refers to the lifespan of albums on the database and the database itself. Both of these things have to be as tenacious and as persistent as they could be. Consistency refers to the entries made and the metadata on the database, they need to be standardised and precise so that Zooba and I won’t go on autistic fits over shoddy entries/metadata. Contingencies will be made to ensure all of these marks are met. Anything else related to the database, such as the articles and community events will be treated as luxury that we won’t always have. The end-goal of the database is to simply amass as many Vocaloid albums as we can and keep them safe and available to people world wide.


>Why bother yourself with the database?


Indeed, why? Few of you may know that I do not like the majority of the fans. I do not like the cultures and sub-cultures Vocaloids are associated with. I do not like the fear-mongering gits who always go on about how Vocaloids is dying. As a database, we have to deal with users too incompetent to download albums or navigate through the database. We have to deal with uncouth users. We have to deal with having our uploads taken away and reposted by a more sinister entity for profit. We have to deal with people who do nothing but snag our legs beneath us and throw hurdles in our path. We have to deal with malicious attacks and smearing. We have to deal with DMCAs daily. We have to deal with being vilified by larger and more official entities. We do everything for the database without getting a single cent in return.

With all of these woes, why do we even bother in keeping the database up and active? For most of us, the answer is pretty simple; we simply like Vocaloids too much to let it go. We want to share our interest with other people. We want the producers’ talent to shine, even to those who couldn’t rightfully see them.
Personally, I want to chart and safeguard any and all albums made. I do so because I want to listen Miku’s voice. I want to listen as to how well each producers manipulate her voice for their spell. I want to listen as to how well producers could weave their songs and tell their story. I want these things to remain so that should whatever happen to my current archive, I could always retreat and re-amass these songs. It’s particularly disheartening for me when an album is no longer attainable through legitimate means such as Scythe of Luna’s original Insomnia, Amedama, and the majority of Kasher’s Vocaloid discography. All of these albums doesn’t deserve to fade into oblivion. The albums need to preserved for those who covet them and those who may one day stumble upon them for their listening pleasure. That’s what we are going to do. As a database, we are going to keep these albums available.  I couldn’t care less as to how people conduct themselves elsewhere and their general disposition to the database, at the end of the day, the database exist and the good jams can be enjoyed.

Now that I got this out of my chest, I can finally focus working on the database. Stay tuned for the upcoming damage report.

  1. I for one appreciate the work put into this site and agree with a lot of what you said in the last paragraph. All of the drama that I’m reading about in these news posts since the site went back up is sad to hear but I’m glad the site is back.

  2. god bless people like you
    i know you have gone thorough alot to keep this library alive
    thank you
    i know i cant feel what you have gone through
    but let me sure you
    you made millions of lost souls happy and relaxed
    Thanks from bottom of my heart <3

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