Fragments (Review by Deathspark)

6th album review. I’m not sure, but is Dixie Flatline underrated? I mean, Just Be Friends was pretty mainstream so I wouldn’t say he doesn’t have a fair share of fans. The only problem is that he doesn’t really produce a lot of songs or albums… Anyway, that does not mean he is a bad producer. Let’s review this eh?
NOTE: My reviews are opinion based. I’m not always right. Not everyone enjoys the exact same thing. J
Oh, and I’ll usually give it one time listens, one shot. So, if a song doesn’t make me go yay, it doesn’t get into the Song Highlight, so yeah now you know how I work.

Album : Fragments
Link :
Genre : Calm / Electronica / Chill
Tracks : 12
Song Highlight : Shinonome Scrumble (Track 5), Jacob’s Ladder (Track 6), Gemini featuring Topi (Track 10), Sweetie Sweetie (Track 11)

The intro just… introduces you to the album. Nothing special, nothing bad. Jump straight to the songs in it! Oh, once again, this underrated album will make me hard to find meanings, again…

What I like

Shinonome Scrumble (Track 5) has a unique atmosphere. I would just phrase it this way. It feels like watching the night sky. You’re drinking some tea (or coffee, I don’t like drinking coffee at night…) and you just admire the starlit the sky. Suddenly you see a shooting star. Yay! You make a wish and hope for something to happen. And for some reason, it comes true (Obviously it’s not a huge wish). Maybe you wished you would meet a beautiful lady, and poof she drops something and she says sorry and walks off. Well, your wish did sort of come true.

Jacob’s Ladder (Track 6) has quite a meaning, and it’s calm. Let me just describe what it means from the subs I found on Anime Lyrics dot com. It’s almost as if Miku had died (WAIT WHAT?!) yes, she seemed to have died and she wasn’t able to say anything. It’s more of a she’s in the process of going up to heaven, so there you go. She wanted to say something but it’s always covered for some reason. And probably, she and someone died together, because towards the end of the song, there is “our gravestone” so yeah… She wants to say I love you, aww. But too bad.

Gemini featuring Topi (Track 10). Wait, there is also a Gemini on Track 2, by Rin and Len. Huh, why did I like this then? Well, Topi has a deep voice and this is the first time I heard her voice? My thoughts? PERFECT. Her deep voice, awesome melody and it’s about friendship too, like, you can’t separate Gemini. They are super close and you can’t separate them. Yeah, the summary of the whole song just for you. There is a rap part and I loved it. It’s executed perfectly and it makes me feel like I’m watching the final episode of a love story that got the ending I wanted to see, it’s beautiful… ;_; And when the song is about to finish, she finishes with a long note. Holy crap that made me go “WHY ISN’T THIS AN ENDING SONG?!” 5 STARS, TAKE IT!

Sweetie Sweetie (Track 11) is such an adorable song, makes me “Awwwwww” when I read the subs. It’s like a sweet love story, thus the title. It’s a message from a girl to a boy and it’s a story where the girl constantly tries to tease the guy and they both liked each other, sort of. Yeah, that’s what’s happening. The song does fit the lyrics because well, it simply does… Cute, sweet and happy, enough said. I just don’t get why there is a Miku panting sound in the beginning, why…? Just, whatever, the rest of the song is nice?

What I don’t like

I have nothing to hate in this album, so yeah I’m okay I suppose.

Personal Opinions

I prefer the human version of Gemini (Track 10), strangely. Sure some of you will say Rin and Len’s version of Gemini (Track 2) was better, but personally, I preferred Topi’s version of Gemini. Her deep voice fits this song very well, especially the short rap part. That’s why this is just a personal opinion.

The whole album feels like a dream world feeling. The feeling of sleeping, but not sleeping. How do I describe that? It’s like mellow sounds with a rhythm to it. I sometimes wonder if one or two songs can be used to in games as a cute alien race town or something. When I mean a cute alien race, I mean maybe a race that is lost and confused or something. That song may be Mobius (Track 4).

Mikulantica (Track 7) sent me deep into the abyss. No, the song doesn’t suck, nor it doesn’t sound that great to me. It just has that deep sea feeling, Atlantica, Mikulantica, get it? Whatever… Some of you may like this. I am just okay on this, but I am not really impressed on this.

The outro is more like Len and Rin singing Sweetie Sweetie again. It’s cringe worthy, made me, “Eh, wha?” So yeah, I was like “Never mind this, just an outro, screw it!”


This album requires an acquired taste. Like, do you want a very chill album with a much spaced out feeling? Once again, fast paced song lovers, say no to this.

Should you buy this album? : Maybe
Will Deathspark buy this album? : Maybe as well?
Reason: I really like Gemini featuring Topi, but once again, I don’t really feel it. I could buy it, I may not buy it. The songs aren’t bad, so I guess it’s a maybe.

A fair 3/5 by me.
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