GoodSmile Co. Vocaloid Lineup: The rewrite.

Please see the newest post to understand why this is being revisted.

Figma Len and Rin are popular yes. They are early figma. I find these to look very cheap and also feels very cheap, as i said with the kaito figma, the outfit is 2D to 3D but i feel their face is clunky. these are good figma for early but for if was relesed later, would be called out for.

Hastune miku live is just there for a new faceplate, did we need another one? no! but i find that theres many releases we could of had as a preorder bonus or something that could of been voted on in a poll. The accessorys are all thats needed and i could see this for a newcomer looking for more in a figma

You understand why i dont like family mart. But. .But i do love her extra piece. i have to say her swimming piece is the redeeming part. and they are taking advantage of those uniform skirts

I feel like racing miku nendoroids should be just petites and can be sold as small blind boxes soon as the new mikus get released. it doesn’t feel like their needed in big form.

im sorry. i was wrong.

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