GSC 1/8 Racing Miku ver.2015 preview into upcoming figure.

Hello, my name is WoobiE and welcome to my detailed look into Good Smile Company’s 1/8 Racing Miku 2015. Just a little bit of info about me before getting into the thick of this review. I am the current in house editor for MikuDB. That’s right, every single article and review you read on this site has been proof read and edited by me to help you get the best reading experience as possible. Enough about me though, time to preview the wonderful Racing Miku!
Good Smile Racing has really upped the ante in 2015 with their very unique take on the racing queen Hatsune Miku. Released on 08/2016 for ¥12778, everyone’s favourite virtual idol Miku will surely be racing into homes as well as our hearts.

From the get go, the figure is nothing short of stellar from a brief glance. With every year GSC renders Miku into their own racing queen mascot, every rendition different from the last with significant themes and motifs. With 2015 GSC went with the theme of a female knight with a crown. Not seen with this figure is her shield and… umm… umbrella? Yep, you read it right. She has an umbrella for a knight. Whilst coming in at a whopping 350 mm tall, Miku stands in a very elegant and sexy pose, she holds in place a white flag that has the GSC logo turned into a blazing red emblem. The figure sports a very elegant glossy white dress and stocking with gold trimming. To help contrast with the white on the figure, GSC has added  lovely semi-translucent bunched up yellow frills around her waist.

Upon closer inspection you can see that Miku is wearing a headband or tiara shaped like a crown with matching gold trimming like the rest of her outfit. Very fit for a knight or should I even go far as saying queen. Mhm, very royal indeed. Located under her lovely signature aqua hair is a speaker piece. You can see that Max Factory, the manufacturer of this figure has put their signature on the very top the left arm sleeve. Not only Max Factory but Crypton, Banpresto and FREEING are also printed on her skirt and ankles respectively.

The skin tone on this figure almost gives off the effect that Miku is actually soft and supple. To the left side here… oh my, we get s glimpse of Miku’s undergarment. GSC have made this quite the figure to finish off the year of 2015, not being shy and more brazen with showing a bit of Miku’s undergarment. But GSC was very smart with this decision. When viewing the figure as a whole, despite the showing of the undergarment, it does not in any way detract from the actual magnificence of the piece but more or less adds to it and makes the figure more sexy but not in a erotic or lewd way. One thing I notice is that there seems to be a lack of defined line between the thigh and buttock. Personally, it seems as though she might be lacking a bit of body fat and be on the skinny side. Geez, all this talking and thinking about undergarments and buttocks, I think I might have a blood nose. Oohh… feeling dizzy. Be right back.

From the rear of the figure you can clearly see Miku’s signature twintail aqua coloured hair in more detail. GSC has indeed gone to great lengths with the attention to detail with the hair and giving it a very natural wave with a gradient colour. From the base to the end of the tips, there are a lot of edges and separation to help give the hair more form and detail without it being over done. Going from the aqua that we all know and love to a slow transition of a light turquoise with the tips a pale yellow gold.

This bring us to a close with GSC’s Racing Miku 2015 preview. In conclusion, this figure looks just sublime. A wonderful theme of a knight with amazing colours to help bring the figure to life with extra attention to details. If you are an avid Miku fan and have not ordered this wonderful figure, you might want to consider it.

I hope you have all enjoyed my preview. If you would like me to preview or review any other Vocaloid merchandise, please comment down below and I will see what I can do.

  1. WOW!
    By all, this was a really great article to read!
    Thanks you!!!!!!!!!!

    and I have to admit, it did made me chuckle just a weee bit. :p

    anyways, good job and may I say to review… Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai 2013 live concert if you can!
    I would really like for you to review it as it was one of my favorite concerts as it was the first Magical Mirai concert to be announced.

    • Thank you very much for those wonderful words.
      I am very glad that you liked my review.
      I honestly don’t think I can do the Magical Mirai 2013 live convert. The reason is that I don’t actually know much about Vocaloid and it wouldn’t be a good review if I tried to do it.

      I can however review physical Vocaloid merchandise. With physical items I know what I am seeing and reviewing.

      Once again I am sorry that I can’t fulfill your request. But please by all means if you have a physical item for me to review, I would be happy to do it.


      • Well, How about the snow miku 2014?
        It was a favorite of mine as well.
        and I know that you can do a darn well job if you can review it. 😀
        and if I can, I am waiting for quite a special package Hatsune Miku recent concert from last year and if I can review, it’ll be great to let folks from this site to know the amazingness and the goodies that it’ll bring a long since I pre-ordered the limited edition one!

  2. hey, thanks..
    its a great article to read,
    even a person like me can understand it better, and good review too, im glad they designed it with flag not her umbrella, umm i mean spear..

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