Hatsune Miku: Orange Blossom Ver.

Hello Hello! It’s Nozomin back from the dead. I am very sorry for not having posted anything in awhile. I’m glad to be back and i have seen the newest releases from GSC, To my surprise a new scale from the PROJECT DIVA lineup is being released in October. To the review!

Starting off with the hair, it’s done in a metallic paint and down to the transparent part of the fringe, sculpted with a wavy look pushed to the back and side. The bangs look normal as with any Hastune Miku figure with the difference being paint. I dont see any transparency on the bangs, the ribbon on the other side has no transparency and is done in a flat paint coming from a light baby blue all the way to a dark-ish blue. I love the hair here, it’s not done in the long pigtail style as we usually see with larger scales such as Deep Sea Girl and TYPE 2020, and I dont think I have ever seen a miku figure with the metallic painted hair, it looks good and not awkward.

The face looks gorgeous and doesn’t stand out as being awkwardly posed like some figures. The eyes are done in the same color as the hair and has that nice shine to it. I have a problem with her mouth though, it looks too small compared to the figure and its too pink, standing out on the skin. We also have the collar around her neck that looks too still compared to everything else that looks in motion. Painted beautifully but not used correctly to the figures attitude

The outfit in general looks beautiful, this being one of my favorite costumes in the whole entire franchise. The beautiful attention to detail done with the ribbons, like the hair piece is done in a baby blue flat paint down to a dark-ish blue. The dress is done in the same metallic paint but in a beautiful sunny orange with the white candy like lines top skirt, under the skirt is a light blue laced skirt. The socks are done in the metallic as with the orange part of shoes looking slick and not standing out that much. But the placement of the ribbons on the back bothers me, placed to look like they are resting on her skirt instead of her back where ribbons would be usually placed. But this is a minor nitpick since the costume in the game and illustration has the same design.

The pose for this figure in general looks very still and awkward to me, the body and head seemed like they knew what they were doing but down to the legs I find this was just a scape goat not to have a ugly stand to look like shes in the air. I find she could of been on a detailed base like Deep-Sea-Girl sitting or just standing doing a peace sign or something along those lines.

Overall this a beautiful figure that should be on your desk or part of your collection. Please do take this as someones opinon and not as rule.

Bye Bye My Darlings!~



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