Hatsune Miku Phone – “DoCoMo Xperia feat HATSUNE MIKU SO-04E Limited Edition”

Fed up with iPhones? Done with Nokia 3310s? Well now there is a gorgeous “DoCoMo Xperia feat HATSUNE MIKU SO-04E Limited Edition” Phone for all you Vocaloid Otakus out there.

Features of this phone include a prominent Miku theme, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS, Miku-related Widgets, Pre-installed Ringtones and Illustrations, A high-quality front and back camera that can film underwater, as well as a sturdy design –  And this is just the start.

Firstly, The Aesthetics. On the exterior, On the back, you can see Miku’s trademark Blue Pigtails against a blue background. On the front there is a 4.6 inch screen, with the Sony and DoCoMo logo. Inside the device however, there is the default Sony layout with a few Miku touches. There are plenty of downloadable backgrounds, all Miku themed.

Next, The Hardware. As mentioned it runs an Android 4.2 Jelly Bean System. There are plenty of apps installed, including content from the “Find-Your-Miku Project”. There is a “Miku Downloader” and Miku Weather Widgets. Moreover, there are 100+ Vocaloid sounds, and 400+ Miku Illustrations that you can use as backgrounds. The phone can be changed to several languages as well.

Now, the Specifications. It has 32GB of ROM, and 2GB of RAM. It houses MicroSD placeholders, a 3.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth 4.0, Facebook, YouTube, and support for all your social networks and all apps available on the Google Play store. HDMI support, and support for 2G through to 4G. But please bear in mind the 4G is only suitable for use within japan, for areas such as the US it only works up to 3G.

However, it not only comes with the beautiful phone, but it also comes with Miku earphones, A High speed AC adapter charger, a Manual and a box for all you collectors out there.

For more information or to buy one of the phones, remember only 39,000 were made, go to the following links!

  • http://www.kyoex.com/docomo-sony-so-04e-hatsune-miku-limited-edition-xperia-unlocked/
  • http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2013-07-04/hatsune-miku-gets-her-own-limited-edition-android-phone
  • http://www.amazon.com/DoCoMo-HATSUNE-SO-04E-Limited-version/dp/B00F0CCLDC



  1. Didn’t this come out ages ago? Or is this a new one?

    Nope, its the old as hell one. Still waiting for another. Maybe the Z6…?

  2. I already have the phone nwn its beautiful. But I don´t know how to download the special application (only have 3 apps pre-installed). The play store don’t let me to download. Can someone help me? I’m from Mexico.

    • I have it aswell, the apps are only available in Japan AND on the NTT-Docomo network. So you’ll need to be there AND know someone who has a NTT-Docomo subscribtion to use his/her card.

  3. So, this phone costs almost twice as much as my current phone, but with worse specs? Well, I think it’s still worth buying with all those extras and themes! But crap. I’ve just bought my current phone about a week ago to replace my old one.
    And why does it have to be a limited edition phone?! CRAAAAP!! T-T
    Why can’t we just get a proper Miku theme for android devices? Or at least translated versions of those Japanese apps! … I guess I’ll just have to learn more Japanese then …

  4. Got one of these and man its a pretty beast! every person I’ve shown it to love it. Mine was running a version of the DoCoMo launcher I haven’t seen before (still Miku styled) and it didn’t have all the apps but I had someone who used to had one so I sideloaded the APKs. Only 39,000 made too

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