Hatsune Miku will be joined by chiptune band Anamanaguchi during Miku Expo 2016!

When Hatsune Miku goes on her next tour she’ll be bringing along arguably the biggest name in chiptunes. Starting in April, the virtual pop star will be doing several shows across North America, teaming up with chiptunes rock stars Anamanaguchi. The tour kicks off in Seattle on April 23rd, before wrapping up in New York City on May 28th, with shows in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Toronto, and Chicago sandwiched in between. Miku’s 2016 North American tour was first announced last November, but today is the first news that Anamanaguchi will be joining her.

From what I’ve gathered they’re a pretty popular band so should I try them out? What do you guys think about thisI’ve never really heard about this band so I don’t really know what what to say about this so I’ll ask you guys, what do think about this?

Jā matane!

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