Interview with Crusher-P! (By Mikuaddict)

Thanks to the internet we can observe and experience new things that we never expect to see everyday. We never expect ourselves to be so involved in a project since it may all start from a random video recommendation from a friend or an unexpected picture and then suddenly we say in our minds “why don’t I check this out?” All the sudden you want to contribute to that world and be part of it. Thanks to song writers, what we hear is not just Vocaloid but the actual words of  people who want to be heard. Today behind Vocaloid: Crusher-P

Welcome to MikuDataBase, Crusher-P!

-Lets all start from the beginning, before writing songs or listening to Vocaloid what were you into?

Before I was into Vocaloid, I was… well, I was into Naruto. I was about 12 years old, I’d just entered middle school and I wanted to fit in with just about any group. I had a friend who liked Naruto and Gaia Online, so I went out of my way to figure out what I was into. Naruto transitioned into The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. All of my friends liked the OTHER Haruhi, the one from Ouran, but I picked this one. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have run into Miku whilst scouring the deep Japanese pits of Youtube to find character songs from the anime.

-As a Vocaloid producer what is the hardest thing you have or had to overcome?

The hardest thing I’ve had to overcome is being a part of the community while dealing with stuff I’ve got going on in the background. I am not the best at coping, and this sometimes ends up being the expense of myself and others, but I am still learning. Everybody in this community is learning.

-One of my favorite concerts and events are the “NicoNico party”. On 2015 the opening song was a mix between “Resonate” and “ECHO”. Did you go to the event? How did you feel seeing your song live and infront of a huge amount of people?

When I received an email asking if the song could be in the concert, I think I had a panic attack. I really wish I could have gone, but the concert was a few months before I went to Japan. Someone sent me the video as soon as it came out, and I remember my hands shaking before clicking the video. I had no idea how long I would have to wait to find the song considering these concerts are LONG. It happened RIGHT AFTER the introduction, I was shocked. When the beginning piano riff of the song started playing and people began cheering, I started crying. IT FELT GOOOOOOOOOOOD!

-Where do you think Vocaloid will end up being in the future? Any theories?

In the future, I think Vocaloid will continue as it is right now. It’s a very niche community, and unless the idea that “Vocaloid = Anime” continues, it will stay as is.

-Since you used a lot of various Vocaloids and Utaus through your career, which ones are the most easiest and fun to use? What other Vocaloids are you planning to use in the future?

So… I don’t really use Vocaloid or UTAU anymore. It took me a long time to come to terms with the fact I SUCK @$$ at tuning, so I get other people to do it for me. Prima is the only Vocaloid I DO tune, and I do enjoy using her! It’s like a puzzle to get her phonetics to make her sing well.
However, in the words of people I have worked with/am working with:
People who tune Vocaloid and UTAU have my utmost respect. Additionally, Stardust.

-What are your future goals? Are you planning any separate careers down the road?

I plan to continue making music! I’m at a point where it’s becoming WAY more of a career than a hobby… and well, it’s my passion! Ignoring your passion is a slow suicide. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, so I’m swinging.

-Why did you decide to use Crusher to represent your producer’s name?

After I wrote my first song with over 1m views, I was given the name “Childhood Crusher-P.” I took out the ‘childhood’ part, leaving it with “Crusher-P.”

-Most of your music has dark meaningful lyrics, why did you decide to pick this style for your music?

I kind of never really decided on a style, it just sort of happened. Beginning to write music was a happy accident, and I was in my angsty teenage phase. As I’ve been leaving my angsty teenage phase, I’ve been branching out and writing WAY different lyrics! None of it has been posted yet though. Plus, I like writing in minor keys.

-Outside Vocaloid, are their any bands or song artists that you interested in, like in western music, J-pop or K-pop?

Outside of vocaloid, I mostly listen to American pop music. I like Lady Gaga the most. Another batch of my bigger influences are Imogen Heap, Marina and the Diamonds, Susumu Hirasawa, RADWIMPS and more recently Rebecca Sugar.

-In what words would you describe yourself when you introduce yourself as Crusher-P?

When I introduce myself, I try to keep it short and sweet. Depending on where I am, I tend to introduce myself more as a music producer and illustrator more than a Vocaloid user.

Before we end the interview here are some questions from fans! 

-what inspired you to do most of your works?

Most of my works are inspired by feelings or life events. My music is a timeline of my growth.

-Will there be an English version of the “ECHO” novelization?

You know, that’s not an Easy question for me to anSwer. We’ll juSt have tO wait and see hOw it’s goiNg

-what the hells going on, can someone tell me please?!?!

Maybe you should ask the echo in the mirror, they might know.

-any plan for major album/work in future?

Yes! I’ve been working with The Living Tombstone on stuff for a few months now.

-Will you stay making Vocaloid music for a long time considering how few Vocaloid English producers actually continue doing music?

My time with Vocaloid is wrapping up. I don’t think I’ll ever really be done forever, but Miku does not pay my bills. I have to continue forward with my life.

Well we’re all done! Thank you so much for everything, MikuDB wishes you the best, inside and outside the internet. Anything else you would like to say?

Thank you very much for having me. I really like MikuDB, and I appreciate that you took the time aside to interview me. :o)

As for all the readers, I’m serious about what I said about ignoring your passion. Whether you want to be an illustrator, a writer, a nuclear powerplant operator, a comedian, or even a music producer, do not give up that dream. The world needs you to do what you KNOW you were made to do. Taking the easy route may never give you the satisfaction in life you are craving. Be honest to yourself and to those around you. You are a shiny ass star in the sky.

  1. You know, that’s not an Easy question for me to anSwer. We’ll juSt have tO wait and see hOw it’s goiNg
    Y-E-S .-S-O-O-N => Founded the answer XD

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