Introducing our new music player!

It’s been a while since we implemented a major feature to the site, so today I’d like to introduce you to a new one, which no good music site should do without.

To maximize your browsing pleasure on MikuDB, we think it is a good idea to regularly provide you with fresh wubs. Not only for download, but now also in form of an on-site music player.

The music player will be accessible via our menu and feature a hand selected and regularly updated list of great songs. If you ever feel like the staff only chooses crappy songs, you can request those you want to hear using the wishlist. Requested titles with the most votes will be added to the “users wishes” playlist.

Sounds pretty good, huh?
But there is more!

If you ever feel like listening to Vocaloid on the go, we got you covered. Our new music player will also work on almost every mobile device, making it easy to listen on the way to work, on vacation or if you are just too lazy to stand up and get your PC running.

  1. Love this feature. Excellence is a pleasure. I’ll check out your feature … in the near future.

    I like Foobar2000 very much at the moment. Completely customized and saved playlists. Just give me all the Vocaloid songs!

  2. This is excellent! It’ll be nice to have a player like this around whenever I’m struggling to find new songs, or even to just listen to a random playlist.

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