Introducing Vocaloid~


I guess once you enter this web, some of you who didn’t know much or just started to know about Vocaloid.         「(゚ペ)     Vocaloid(ボーカロイド) is a singing synthesizer(it38758601s a software yes :D) which can create epic melody of voices from a variety of virtual singers including Hatsune Miku(初音ミク), Megurine Luka(巡音ルカ), Gumi(グミ) and so much more! With a piano roll type input of melody and lyrics, voices will ring throughout your speaker. (・ω・ ) ~♪~ This amazing program has been developed by Yamaha Corporation. Up till now, Vocaloid is still upgrading itself, tuning the voice and trying to make things easier to the song creater.

The requirements

What is it you need to use Vocaloid? A computer and the melody wave created by you! No one would stop you from singing out your thought!       (^ >ω<)>


There’s these facts about Vocaloid, which is that some people thinks Vocaloid isn’t a real song just because it has virtual voice in it. Some people categorized Vocaloid music as Otaku Music(Lol). Mostly, people create songs or covers using Vocaloid voice as a hobby and share them throughout the internet. But some of them created their own band and publish their songs as an artist.

As to sharing song of Vocaloid, did you know which website is the best place to look for covers or doujin songs? Its NicoNicoDouga(ニコニコ動画)! NicoNicoDouga is one of the places otakus’ gathered and have their song shared. It also increases the popularity of Vocaloids.

Why Vocaloid?(ノ・д・)ノ

Hear Vocaloid? There are so many reasons for me to say it, but I’ll say this, the voice..its Unique and Epic!ヽ( ´ー`)ノ Not something we always hear from any other songs and not only the voice is cute and soothing. One of the most important part is the music! Vocaloid artists are one who had potential in computerizing and guess what, the songs, music and lyrics were mostly part of their thought within. With their feeling pouring out when making the melody of voices, they tend to master the music with the best flow to align with the voice. So most of the vocaloid songs had very nice music, may it be dupstep or orchestral.


About characters of vocaloid? I’ll get into it guys, so wait for it!


I’m going to tell my adventure of encountering Vocaloid( ̄ー ̄). In general, not much people knew Vocaloid(At least in where I live). Whenever some people past through a poster of Hatsune Miku(初音ミク) or some other place in a game station or somewhere that has comic books sold, they will only think of “ONE” thing, thats gonna be :”Owh, its just another anime movie thats popular but never once seen its movie or heard of her sound, owh well~” ==(I’m one of them) I don’t know, non of my friends or relative ever bother about Vocaloids.(including me…I guess)

And so! There this one day, after few years of looking at that green haired girl with twin tails acting cute, I got HOT, and finally search what in the world is this all about. With no knowledge of that girl at all, I took the courage to search the web, typing the epic word : ” 初音 ” (We Chinese usually only used 初音 which read as Chū Yīn). And thats a big bomb in my life knowing the world of music with the strangest sound is such a wide popular topic among so many countries! When im searching youtube, the 1st song I heard is “Melt” by Supercell ft.初音ミク.            I was like OMG!!! Who the hec- would even wants to hea-…!!! BUT! I want to know why. Everytime I hear,                I scratch my head with confuse while the sound of Vocaloid keeps ringing beside my ears. And in the end, I still couldn’t accept how would this even be popular. And I try to hear it again and again, every day passes and somehow my rating for Vocaloid had been rated from “WTH” to “its ok, I guess” . I try to hear it because I want to know why people hears them. And as times goes by, who would have thought I’m in love with this amazing melody and had 30 plus songs. I was like..Σ( ̄ロ ̄lll)…(I had ton of vocaloid songs now >:D) I’m pretty sure you guys will love them! Maybe it takes time for us to love them, but I’m sure of one thing, without  And theres how my story goes.


SO! You guys out there, the world of music is wide! And Vocaloid gives us the chance to create any thought and stuff coming out from our heart into a songs with beautiful melodies that is not limited to only talented singer.


  1. “The 1st song I heard is “Melt” by Supercell ft.初音ミク. I was like OMG!!! Who the hec- would even wants to hea-…!!! BUT! I want to know why. Everytime I hear, I scratch my head with confuse while the sound of Vocaloid keeps ringing beside my ears.”
    and I thought I was the only one XD ,but what weird about vocaloid is,after few weeks of browsing voca song and listen to them,I came back to melt and for some reason….. it just feel different,I was like ah,ok,its a bit weird and off but well… into > wtf,deffinietly one of my fav,put it into my playlist~!
    and after few months hoked to vocaloid,at first only few song sound just right,but when I came back to my few first song I listened when I first know vocaloid like “light song” it became so good,my reaction and feeling from my first time hearing it when I dont really know and hear a lot of vocaloid song and then is totally different.its a mystery to me as to how,but now I totally am in love with vocaloid (watching vocaloid Live is one of my few experience that I wont ever forget for my whole live,my hardwork to buy ticket concert,plane,and hotel was paid off)

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