KAITO Will Be Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of His Release!!

I did not realize this until a little while ago, but our KAITO has grown so big! Uh… Err… Well, I mean, it will be 10 years in February since his release in 2006! Time sure flies, huh?

But he is getting a celebratory album called KAITO 10th Anniversary -Glorious Blue- and it will be released under KarenT with Crypton Future Media backing it. It features several popular producers such as Re:Ng, yuukiss, yanagiP, among several others! It will supposedly be released on January 16th, 2016. Click here for more track information and get your pre-orders ready!

Here’s some facts about KAITO:

– He was originally released for the first Vocaloid program and went by the name TARO before release.

– He was a commercial failure at first, but had a quick turnaround in popularity.

-He was one of the first voice banks produced (his provider is Naoto Fuga), he is also the first male bilingual voice bank along with being the first male Japanese voice bank. (MEIKO being the first female.)

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