KarenT presents Megurine Luka’s Anniversary 2016

I missed IA and ONE’s anniversary date and decided not to write an article about them anymore because :
a.) It’s not fresh anymore.
[I mean, people don’t want to have news on a later date, right?]
b.) I know news about their anniversary are on every vocaloid related sites.
[I don’t want to waste my effort.]
So for now, I’ll be covering Luka’s Anniversary 2016.

Over the years, Megurine Luka was undeniably one of the most famous vocaloids this generation has ever created. Yep, she undergone lots of design and voice modifications but that still doesn’t change the fact that Luka was amazing and beautiful. This year, Luka is celebrating her 7th anniversary with us once more. KarenT is very generous of giving Luka the spotlight she deserved to have.

In celebration with her anniversary this 2016, KarenT also brings some albums featuring Megurine Luka herself.

  1. Kafka – marshahal
  2. Iro Naki Hikari – konori
  3. WORLD WORLD – koushirou
  4. Faust – Toka Minatsuki
  5. Sweet, sweet (Luka Version) – FAULHEIT
  6. Microcosmos – Gumin
  7. Proof of Tears – OkameP
  8. Phantasm of Finale – Caz
  9. Sora – CielP

kafka / marshahalliro naki hikari / konoriWORLD WORLD / koushirouFaust / Toka Minatsukisweet,sweet [Luka version] / FAULHEIT



Microcosmos / GuminProof of tears / okamePPhantasm of Finale / Caz

Sora / CielP









Thank you for stopping by to celebrate Megurine Luka’s birthday with us and be sure to listen to one of her songs whenever possible. またね!

Source/s : Yoshikuni Yukine Post

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