LaLuna Chuu’s Song Pick: “Rockbell,” by HoneyWorks (featuring IA)

This lovingly, warm story is about a little kitten who thinks he’s a human! (Like what cat doesn’t, but that’s beside the point!)


The little kitten ponders at why his parents are fighting but decides to go ahead and go to school, but while waiting in line for the bus, other children throw rocks at him so he decides to sneak away during class and be more catlike and it goes on to tell more about the kitten’s life in the song.

This song actually brought tears to my eyes, it started out so cute then suddenly got so sad (but it gets better, I promise)! It honestly makes me wonder how pets can actually view themselves in our eyes, just a deep thought! But the song is so cute and sweet, I just couldn’t pass it up since I will be adopting a kitten soon as well! My boyfriend wants to name it Gary Lazereyes, but if it goes my way, I think I’ll name it Rockbell! In oath to the song! :3

But I truly missed writing articles in the few weekends I was gone, I’m truly glad to be back! 😀



    • Oh my gosh! I know! I have this song on my phone, I listened to it for the longest time just because I thought it sounded super cute.

      I looked up the video that LIZZ covered and I was in tears, now I can’t listen to it without welling up. xD

  1. Last year, i download the album, listen to the song with innocence heart.
    And now i’m here cryin out loud.
    btw, at first i think this is Miku’s voice while she’s still young (back there i just know 5 vocaloid character xD)

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