LaLuna Chuu’s Song Pick: “Spinal Fluid Explosion Girl,” by rerulili

(Artist Pixiv ID: 2114914)

A rather classic song by rerulili featuring Miku and Gumi. This song is basically about a masochistic girl and is one of three songs by rerulili which include Holy Lance Explosion Boy (featuring Kagamine Len) and Dangerous Situation Zen Girl (featuring Megurine Luka and Kagamine Rin).

This song even spawned a novel as well, and a movie is also in the works (As of June 2014)! I figured I would post this review since Holy Lance Explosion Boy is going to be featured on Project Diva X to introduce more fellow fans to other songs on the series.

This song’s catchy beat is just hard not to dance, run, or just hum/sing to! This is one that I definitely keep on my playlist for anything. It has had several covers as well, I even keep those on my playlist as well! If you are looking for the download, click here.

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